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NSYS Group Impressions of Gadget Repair Expo 2024

NSYS Group at Gadget Repair Expo 2024

This April was highlighted by Reeva's first showcase in the US! The NSYS team brought this unique device testing robot to the Gadget Repair Expo 2024 in Las Vegas. Today, we will share our impressions and insights into the event.

NSYS team
GRE 2024 was the first exhibition in the USA where we demonstrated our unique robot, Reeva. Although not the largest or most popular event, it is highly regarded within the American industry for service and trade in refurbished smartphones.

stated Gregory Glazman, CEO of NSYS Group.

Traditionally, events of this format are brief, lasting 1-2 days, and this one was no exception. It was a very busy several days in Vegas, during which we interacted with both our existing American clients and dozens of representatives from companies interested in our services. As is typical for American events, almost all attendees were from the USA. We are pleased with the results of the exhibition and plan to expand our presence on the American continent further, participating in more American events this year!
Gadget Repair Expo 2024

The exhibition united experts in device repair from all over the country. Reeva was in the spotlight as this cutting-edge robot is a unique solution for multiple business problems. It speeds up processing and quickly performs device testing, grading, and wiping! Plus, due to automation, it eliminates human errors.

It was great to present Reeva for the first time at an exhibition in the USA! Many visitors were pleasantly surprised by the wide functionality packed into our robot's compact design. This exhibition provides a promising start to Reeva's journey in the American market!

reflected Dmitry Parkhomenko, Design Engineer at NSYS Group.

The unique device testing robot
For the past year, we have conducted many robotics deployments in Europe. It's exciting to finally bring robots to our dear US partners!

said Vadim Timofeev, CBDO of NSYS Group.

The Gadget Repair Expo 2024 was a huge success! We were thrilled to showcase our Reeva robot and its capabilities to everyone, and we were able to engage a large audience.

noted Pablo Solorzano, Senior Business Development Manager at NSYS Group.

The NSYS team thanks the organizers and participants for this insightful exhibition. See you at the upcoming events! 

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