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NSYS Group always considers the opinions of clients and partners. We have collected enough customer feedback to bring the user experience to a whole new level. We are proud to announce that our diagnostic and autograding solutions are integrated better from now on!

Device evaluation has become faster, easier and more comfortable than ever before. You no longer have to use apps separately but can have completely new functions and benefits in one place instead. 

What is new?

1. There is no need to transfer device photos from app to app manually anymore. All the pictures from your NSYS Autograding account will be transferred to NSYS Diagnostics, as well as the grade value automatically. In the diagnostics certificate, you will have the grade that was determined by NSYS Autograding.

A special column will appear in the NSYS Autograding interface for easy sharing of a diagnostic certificate:

2. NSYS Autograding will be able to get the full names of devices that have been tested with NSYS Diagnostic. Now you can not waste time filling in the name of each device.

3. Diagnostic certificates can be shared along with the device photos which makes the smartphone evaluation process more transparent. 

How does the integration work?

Previously, smartphone diagnostics and smartphone grading were 2 different actions. Now the united evaluation process looks this way: you do diagnostics, get the IMEI automatically over the wire, then grade the phone, check the IMEI number on the screen also automatically and bingo: the phone has entered into your database with a technical and cosmetic condition without any manual information entry.

Why is a full integration needed?

First of all, the integration of products with each other allows creating a complete ecosystem of solutions for working with used devices. The better the products are interconnected, the more automated the order processing is. It becomes more transparent and controllable. Error probability, as well as evaluation time, are reduced making the profit grow. Read more about the benefits of workflow automation here.

Moreover, NSYS Autograding + NSYS Diagnostics integration gives additional opportunities for online wholesale trading. When selling pre-owned phones in large batches, a supplier who uploads test results and photos of the batch, of course, inspires more confidence on the part of potential clients. In the used device industry, trust issues are one of the key factors when choosing a supplier or buyer. Don't neglect additional ways for gaining trust.

NSYS ecosystem 

With the help of the NSYS Diagnostics + NSYS Autograding integration we continue to strengthen the connection between products within our ecosystem of solutions. A full software circle will definitely level up your company meeting all kinds of business purposes. 

Organize your workflow in one interface without any specific equipment and feel a completely new business experience.

If you haven't tried the benefits of NSYS products yet, now is that very time to do it with the power of technological integrations. 

Keep in touch, new NSYS updates are around the corner!

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