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We are introducing NSYS Autograding

Most businesses working with used phones face the problem of the subjectivity of device grading. A phone’s grade may differ depending on a tech who grades it. Therefore, every time the phone gets to a new warehouse or store, it has to be graded again. To eliminate such problems and protect your business from losses, we have developed a solution.

Meet NSYS Autograding

NSYS Autograding is a frontier of innovation. Now you can evaluate cosmetic conditions automatically via an AI-powered tool.

  • No hardware is required, just use a phone.
  • The result is consistent, no matter how many times you grade.
  • It takes less than 1 minute to grade any phone.
  • A grading system based on the experience of numerous companies.
  • Unlike the so-called mirror screen test, it's full 6 sides grading.

With Autograding you will get permanent results. The neural network won’t change its mind grading one mobile device several times.

Stop losing money due to subjectivity. Arrange a demo today.

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