The first inventory management system for used devices

inventory management system for used devices

This year goes forward for us with another big release! This time we are introducing NSYS Inventory. It is the first warehouse management system created by our team specifically for the used devices industry. 

It is a powerful WMS for 360° visibility of all stock’s processes. We have combined all the necessary features needed for any mobile business, such as:

  • IMEI-tracking
  • Multiple warehouses management
  • ESN-checks
  • Integration of NSYS Diagnostics reports
  • Built-in money counting system

Now you can minimize unnecessary paperwork and eliminate shortages and losses caused by possible errors in Google Sheets or Excel.

The industry of used mobile devices is developing at a rapid pace. In these circumstances, companies have no time for manual warehouse management and piles of documents, as their volumes, stocks and amount of employees are growing really fast. But none of the existing software tools provided specific functionality for the used devices industry. That’s how we came to the conclusion that this market needs another solution

shares Gleb Balchidi, Product Manager at NSYS Group.

Why NSYS Inventory?

  • No more losses or shortages - Structured system with transparent device history will help you organize your stock
  • No more trouble supplies - Purchase mixed-graded devices without any difficulties
  • No more tons of spreadsheets - Keep track of your inventory flows in one window
  • No more returns - Choose the best suppliers with advanced defects analytics

Use NSYS Inventory to increase profitability of your business!

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