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Limited Buyback Volumes: The Real Story

Limited Buyback Volumes

Small buyback volumes are bad for your business, causing low revenues and inconsistent testing and grading. But are there any other significant consequences that might happen if you don’t solve this problem? 

Today, we are going to share the story of our partner. They ran a buyback program in a big chain store, but the outcome was very poor. Out of 2,000 stores, they got no more than 2,000 devices! What was the reason? Due to inaccurate testing, they had a high return rate, which led to low prices that didn’t attract customers.

They soon closed their buyback program. 

But that might not be the worst ending of the story! Our other partners faced the same problem: small buyback volumes and inaccurate testing. But after they bought devices from the trade-in program, they resold them at marketplaces—Back Market and Refurbed. Can you guess what happened next? They got banned on these platforms. Customers complained about the quality of the purchased devices, which led to the prohibition of working on the marketplace and the ban of their deposit funds. 

Not cool, right? 

But we have a solution to prevent that! It is the robotic solution Reeva from NSYS Group. With Reeva, you get consistent testing results that will ensure the quality of your stock. You will be able to offer your customers fair prices and steadily grow your business. 

The best part is the buyback volumes! One technician with one robo-line can process up to 70 devices per hour. Optimize your buyback process and win new customers with Reeva! 

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