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Nowadays, to stay afloat or even competitive in the market, any business must process and sell more products in less time. Manual processing was the first level of diagnosing used phones. With advances in technology, developers started to perceive how to simplify any business process with the help of software.

Today the developed software is not the limit of our capabilities. For a long time, we've been thinking about updating the process of diagnosing phones by making it faster, easier, more accurate and effective. And today we have great news!

We are ready to present you Reeva - the first robot that provides extensive testing, evaluating, and pricing capabilities.

Reeva is a revolution in the world of technology. It brings the diagnostic process to a new level of automation for both stores and warehouses. Reeva covers the whole processing chain and has all the advantages of the software, but it has much more to it:

  • the first affordable robot for testing used phones;
  • full automated process in 5 steps with accurate results: cosmetic condition check, functional diagnostic, trade-in price calculation, data erasure, tracking in the warehouse;
  • human errors during testing are completely eliminated;
  • you can set up your own stage sequence according to your business requirements;
  • the accuracy of such tests as assessing the external condition, checking display or speaker quality has become higher;
  • new feature: screen burn-in check.
NSYS Reeva product

Why is it worth it for retailers?

  • easy to use: implementation of Reeva doesn’t require any trainings for staff;
  • easy to scale: start trade-in at new locations at low costs;
  • easy to manage: reducing risks for your business by eliminating responsibilities for employees.

Why is it worth it for wholesalers?

  • better results: robotic process automation provides more accurate diagnostic results;
  • high efficiency: 1technician with 5 robots can process up to 1500 devices per day;
  • cost saving: changeover to the robot-assisted process is rather affordable;
  • decrease in returns: with the help of a robot you can improve quality control through high-precision testing.

Robotised processing gives a great range of opportunities for making all processes more flexible and productive.

“We had set a goal to create the world’s first cost-efficient robot for warehouses and stores and have succeeded!."

  • NSYS Group Team

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