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Nightmare for retail: staff training

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Recently we have told you about the challenges that every owner of a business dealing with used devices faces during the work. As one of the points, we mention the main pain of all retailers — the difficulty in employee training. Let's drive into details of this topic today.

What is the challenge

If you are into the mobile retail industry, you definitely struggled with training your employees. While for wholesalers the speed of handling goods is important, for retailers quality is at the forefront. To avoid losses and maintain a good reputation, workers must handle devices attentively and responsibly, strictly following company standards.

Testers need to constantly keep in mind a lot of long instructions and checklists. Moreover, speaking about retail, we mean not 5 but tens and hundreds of people, in different locations, with different skills. Therefore, even 1-point instruction is difficult to implement (anyone who tried to implement any instruction for at least a dozen people understands the issue).

In addition, there is statistically a high staff turnover in retail, so training has to be carried out almost non-stop.

So the question arises: how to teach every team member effectively and how to ensure that all instructions will be followed? That's what we are here for!

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Consequences of poor quality education

Even the smallest mistake in accepting or evaluating devices means a direct loss to your business. That is why staff qualification issues keep CEOs awake at night. Even if you provide training for your employees, as a business owner you cannot be 100 percent sure that every team member is interested and involved.

People don't always see the benefits of certain solutions so don't get the maximum benefit from all the available tools. In terms of no unified control system, it is very difficult to track at what stage of work a failure occurred, as well as to estimate the performance of each worker.

Staff training benefits of using the mobile software

The main goal of standardizing staff training is to change the corporate culture. To maximize profits, each employee must learn to take their tasks seriously and consciously and feel personally responsible for the result.

With automated software, testers don't need to know complex instructions and checklists by heart. The program leads them, while doing some of the actions automatically, so there is no risk that something will be missed.

Therefore, automated solutions for diagnostics, inventory and buyback can help not only optimize the workflow, but also easily and quickly transfer all the necessary rules to staff. With the software, you no longer need to spend time and money on detailed training for each team member. All information is available in one place and an intuitive interface will be understandable to an employee of any qualification.

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How NSYS can help

With NSYS Diagnostics and Autograding solutions you can be sure that all testers will be given the same clear and understandable instructions for the diagnostic process, and most of the work will be done by the system itself.

NSYS Buyback will help to avoid mistakes in device evaluation. More about the dangers of evaluation errors here. NSYS solutions provide every team member, from newcomers to the most experienced, with an equal set of tools that levels the difference in experience.

Try one of our workflow automation products or implement an entire ecosystem of solutions and measure key indicators before and after the implementation. Be sure to ask for feedback from the employees themselves.

However, be prepared that at first most people don't go easy with anything new. The human brain follows the path of least resistance, but the experience of our customers shows that after a short time, most workers appreciate the benefits of a new work style.

Today, open-mindedness and flexibility are the hallmarks of successful business and confident leadership. Take your business to the next level with NSYS!

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