Case Study: Tech2Com x NSYS Group


Tech2Com is a big remanufacturing company from the Netherlands. They sell remanufactured Apple products such as iPhones, iPads, iMacs, and accessories. The business is catered toward the European market, offering consumers and retailers a service to purchase remanufactured ‘new again’ Apple products.

Tech2Com’s mission is to create a sustainable environment whereby they recondition old iPhones and iPads and introduce them as 100% re-manufactured back to the market, ensuring a second life for high-quality products.

We spoke to Bas De Laat, Head of Quality Assurance at Tech2Com who is responsible for the efficiency of the diagnostic process and quality of all the products the company sells.

A&B Grade Pricing Behaviour A&B Grade Pricing Behaviour

The Challenge

Almost three years ago, in 2018, Tech2Com checked their remanufactured phones manually. As soon as the volumes increased and batches of new iPhone models with improved functionality started to come, Tech2Com soon realized the need for an automated diagnostic tool to handle that.

Moreover, the company wanted to minimize the return rate by improving the QA process.

The final challenge was that the company needed help with managing multiple warehouses at once. The main goal here was quality control and compliance with a single standard.


NSYS software was ultimately chosen as the best solution due to its highly accurate device diagnostics and availability of remote tools. NSYS Diagnostics has become the best solution for the company.

Since working with us Tech2Com has entered into close collaboration with the whole NSYS team. That gave our development team valuable insights about the issues faced by the industry.

As a result of the work with Tech2Com, the audio system test began to check not only the presence of sound but also its quality. This had a positive effect on the quality of the client's products, thereby reducing the RMA rate.


Tech2Com and NSYS Group have been working together for almost three years.

Today, NSYS platform allows them to perform testing without losing speed and now they are able to process up to 60 devices per hour.

Moreover, now the return rate has decreased to less than 3%, which is a great result for a company with such volumes.

In January 2020, we released an update of one of our tests. The experience of cooperation gave us a better understanding of the industry’s needs and turned out to be mutually beneficial for both sides as well as all our clients.

NSYS Group has helped us to ensure our quality assurance is the best in the industry.
- Bas De Laat, head of Quality Assurance at Tech2Com
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