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Manual, software-assisted, or robotic phone testing: What to choose?

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There are 3 ways of working with used phones: manual, software-assisted, and robotic. Manual processing is most often used by small retailers and wholesalers,  while software processing is used by large ones. Business development creates an opportunity to integrate software as a tool to increase productivity and process efficiency by reducing routine manual work. Is it worth it to implement robotic processing into the workflow of a company dealing with used phones? Learn more in our new article!

Manual processing is often used in companies with a small amount of used mobiles due to its low cost. On the contrary large companies prefer software because it allows them to work quickly and accurately with a large number of devices. In addition, software becomes more profitable if you work with large amounts of devices.

The best approach to improve mobile diagnostics

Implementation of software processes in the activities of retailers and wholesalers becomes more and more popular. With software, solving the problems with used phone diagnostics has become simpler and faster, for example, you can run phone diagnostics on several devices at the same time. 

For example, the phone screen is the most vulnerable part of it. From just looking at the phone you can determine the presence of chips, cracks and other physical damage but other problems like finding dead pixels or non-original parts require special softwares.

Or one more example -  there is no unified grading system. The technician conducts the assessment of cosmetic condition subjectively, based on his own experience. The software uses a unified pattern for all platforms and devices, providing the most consistent grading results.

But what if there is something more interesting and efficient than just software?

We’re always working on new ways to make used mobile diagnostics faster and easier. That's why we created Reeva - a revolution in cost-efficiency for both retailers and wholesalers. It is a robot that covers the whole processing chain. Reeva has all the advantages of the software, but its work has reached a new level. The accuracy of such tests as assessing the external condition, checking display or speaker quality is higher. Photos are taken in consistent conditions, and there are no extraneous noises during the speaker test. One of the new features is screen burn-in check. 

Evaluation of the quality of the device moves to a new level.

The advantages of Reeva:

  • Easy onboarding. It is easy to teach staff how to work with robot systems. This is relevant for companies with high staff turnover;
  • Cost-cutting. When work is automated, it not only gets done faster, but also can be done around the clock. The company gets more results for less money. 
  • Low-cost implementation. Switching to a robotic process does not require major investments;
  • High-quality work. Human errors during testing are completely eliminated;
  • Increased efficiency. While one worker can complete a limited number of tasks, with robots he can can process 100-1500 phones a day;
  • Better control. Robotic process automation can provide more accurate device diagnostics results;
  • Research and analytics. The information can help your employees make better decisions  for the future. Robotization offers the ability to create reports on suppliers with high rates of defective devices, print reports after the diagnostics and data erasure and much more.

Automate the whole processing chain in 5 steps:

  • 1 step -  Cosmetic condition check. The system makes a full check, revealing scratches, cracks and etc. and assigns grades based on the examination results.
  • 2 step -  Functional condition check. Reeva runs 60+ tests to detect more than 100 hardware defects from dead pixels to blacklist issues;
  • 3 step - Trade-in price calculation. NSYS Buyback estimates fair prices based on the results of full diagnostic;
  • 4 step - Data Erasure. NSYS Data Erasure deletes all personal data according to international standards. Special certificate confirms that there is no personal data on the device;
  • 5 step -  Tracking in the warehouse. NSYS Inventory lets you track all processed devices preventing your business from losses and other problems.

Want to see Reeva in action? Send us a request to preorder our phone testing robot and get more details!


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