How NSYS solutions have helped Baltic Recycling to scale their business?

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How NSYS solutions have helped Baltic Recycling to scale their business?

Baltic Recycling is one of the largest electronics recyclers in the Baltic states established in 2007. The company works with different devices from computer mouses to laptops and phones and specializes in utilization of electronic waste. But almost 2 years ago they decided to grow their business and started reselling used phones to retailers and wholesalers. Such an expansion allowed Baltic Recycling to increase their profits and the number of partners they work with.

We talked to Arvydas Kirdeika, representative and team leader of Baltic Recycling, about how NSYS software has helped them to open a new way of business activity.

The Challenge

NSYS Group: how did you diagnose phones before you started working with our software?

Arvydas Kirdeika: Without your software, we did not do it at all. We have been looking for software for a long time. At first we talked with you, then with 2 of your competitors, but the choice was obvious. I sent a request to NSYS and got a response immediately. All our whims and requests were fulfilled without any problems. It is wonderful!

The Solution

NSYS Group: What were the criteria when you were looking for software? What was important to your business?

AK: We were in need of the highest quality device. We were looking for a software that would be able to carry out deep diagnostics over a short period of time and with minimal cost required. 

NSYS Group: You have a fairly large staff of testers who work directly with the software. Do you have a training program for new employees?

AK: Certainly, we get people involved and train them. Initially, when we started working in this direction, we tried to hire not very qualified employees - some were testing, others were making an interpretation, still others were engaged in fixing. We have to repair almost every device, however most companies only test, so we still need people with some experience and skills for this activity.

NSYS Group: How many phones are you currently processing?

AK: 1000-1500 devices per month.


The result:

NSYS Group: How has the software affected the process? 

AK:The biggest advantage that I can highlight now: the software allows you to capture information and fully control the process. If a person wants to make a return, then we can open the database and see: who tested the device, what were the problems, what repairs were made. The information is fixed and can be found at any time. Now, our activity looks as follows: testing - repair - testing of some parts after repair - control testing. Each stage involves a different set of checkouts.

The profit of giving devices a second life is obvious for both the environment and business. The second hand business for companies such as Baltic Recycling  is a great cost-effective solution - dead ones can be utilized according to law, others can get prepared for resale.

During our conversation Arvydas Kirdeika pointed out that they started reselling only after getting the right software. They were considering a lot of options but they have chosen us - NSYS.

The company noted that NSYS software helped them to get a full control of the process. The process is fully automated, and all information after the test and repair is fixed and saved in the database. They provided 50 tests and customized  the operational workflow in a way that optimally suits their business.


The NSYS Group team is happy to know that our solutions help companies in their growing path. We thank Baltic Recycling for choosing our products! 

If you want to know more about our products, send us your request and we will contact you to schedule a free demo.

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