What are the main characteristics of consumers of refurbished phones in France?

It's no secret that the market of refurbished smartphones is on the rise and keep growing every year. More and more French people prefer to buy a refurbished phone rather than a new phone. In this article, you will discover the portrait of a French consumer and the potential of the refurbished phone market in France.

According to the consulting agency Kandar, one in four French people have ever bought a used phone and around 55% among those are ready to buy a refurbished phone. The tendency to buy refurbished phones is more notable among youth (from 16 to 34 years old). More than 30% of respondents of this age have already bought a refurbished phone.

When buying refurbished phones, the French people would turn to the traditional retail stores, but mobile operators and marketplaces are gaining more and more market share in recent days

Marketplaces, as well as the entire market for the refurbished phone industry are booming. 30% of respondents have bought their refurbished phones on the marketplaces (+ 15% compared to 2018). In this article, we discussed existing marketplaces.

Among the respondents, 22% of people are ready to buy a refurbished phone from an individual. But according to our experts, buying from a private individual can be very risky, since there is a lack of information about the sellers and the devices sold. Some sellers can replace authentic parts in smartphones with non-original ones and also forget to erase some personal data.

The main reasons for buying a refurbished phone are:

  • Price (respondents prefer to pay more for a refurbished smartphone rather than a used phone)
  • Warranty (refurbished smartphones have a longer warranty period compared to the used ones)
  • Opportunity to purchase a phone of a higher level compared to the new ones
  • Ecology

Price remains the main motivation for buying a refurbished phone. The discount for a refurbished smartphone can vary from 27% to 55%, depending on its condition. For example, respondents are willing to spend an average of 624€ for a refurbished iPhone X in a mint condition, while a new one can cost 855€ in the Apple Store.

The main barriers of the French customers when buying a refurbished phone are:

  • The will to use an absolutely new device;
  • Lack of knowledge regarding the exploitation of a product
  • Lack of knowledge about the origin of a product, since a smartphone can be blacklisted. Also, the functionality of certain models depends on the country a smartphone was originally manufactured for.

30% of respondents claim that they are ready to give away their phone, but in fact, only 21% of them actually sold their old phone in 2019. This is due to the fact that many people want to use their old phone as a replacement in case the new one is out of order. One of four French people fears that after selling the phone, their personal data might be stolen and published on the Web.

NSYS group always follows current trends and adapts its solutions to the requirements of the refurbished cellphone market. The companies that use our software can quickly and accurately determine the state of the mobile devices, as well as securely erase all private data in accordance with ADISA, R2 and NIST standards. This is why their customers trust them and enjoy the best quality upon purchase of the used or refurbished smartphones and tablets.

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