Reasons to get a white label app for your buyback and trade‑in programs

For the past few years, major companies have started developing their own applications to attract more and more customers. Since then, it appeared to be a trend on the mobile buyback and trade-in market. Moreover, customers got so used to it that they already expect every company to have one.

Having your own application will open new horizons and allow you to buy pre-owned devices profitably. Apps in 2021 allow not only buying devices online, but also making transactions more transparent. Every customer can diagnose the phone without wasting your employees' time. As a result, he gets a convenient price for his device, and you get confidence in every phone you buy from individuals.

How to get a white-label app?

Developing an app by yourself is not a simple task. The process will take some time and cost you tons of money. Also, you will need your own team of experienced developers that will maintain the app and make system updates in it.

Is it convenient for your business? You will definitely agree with us if we say that it isn't. Much easier and cheaper would be to invest in a white label app by NSYS. You will get a brand new application for mobile buyback, created, supported, and maintained by us. This is why having your own app for buyback and trade-in of used devices will help you grow your business.

Buyback App by NSYS will provide you with:

  • Zero expenses on your own development team.
  • Customizable design. You can pick and choose the color and add your company logo.
  • Ability to check functionality of each device using our diagnostics solution.
  • Easy calculation of used phone price.

Your app will have an integration with our other products for mobile diagnostics and inventory management.

How does it work

After your app is completed it gets to the App Store and Play Market and every customer is able to download it. When the app is installed and launched it will automatically gather every possible info about the phone it’s launched on. After that, the customer can fill in the required information and go through the tests of its functionality.

Based on the results of the tests and your pricing policy, customers will receive a recommended price for their cell phones.

In the end, the customer will get the info about the closest store where they can sell their phone to you. All the information about tests and questions will be stored in a database available to you.

Core benefits of the buyback app

  • Straightforward and user-friendly interface thanks to hints and tips
  • Customizable design according to your brand
  • Extensive diagnostics testing (integration with NSYS Diagnostic)
  • Easy and informative admin back panel

White label buyback and trade-in app by NSYS is a perfect solution for your business. It will solidify your position on the market and will help you to grow your business without any real investments in the development process. Save your time and lots of money while buying used phones without any risks.

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