How iPhone diagnostic software allows succeeding on the used smartphone market?

El software de diagnóstico de iPhone permite tener éxito en el mercado de teléfonos inteligentes usados

Creating business on the used smartphone market differentiates from selling the factory-new gadgets. Resellers are liberated from the MSRP, however, they have to check each iPhone to detect all possible hardware issues, as well as SIM lock or bad ESN. That process may cause errors and could lead to misspending if the tester does not use effective iPhone diagnostic software.

Development of the used smartphone market

To understand the necessity of modern phone diagnostics, let’s start from a brief analysis of the refurbished phone market. If a customer intended to buy a refurbished iPhone a few years ago, the most obvious option was to search on eBay. Unfortunately, it was almost impossible to get an iPhone diagnostic report. That is why such purchase would be a sort of gambling.

Today even mobile carriers and major marketplaces offer renewed smartphones at a bargain price. For instance, Amazon has launched a service called Amazon Renewed. It is a standard, which prevents a fraud and misperception over used gadgets. All resellers have to diagnose the offered iPhones. If a smartphone is offered under Amazon Renewed brand, Amazon guarantees its perfect condition.

Refurbished iPhone. Source:
Refurbished iPhone. Source:

The reason of growth in refurbished iPhone demand is a durable and powerful hardware installed in modern gadgets. If all components work and battery capacity is about 80%, smartphones have virtually no difference with factory-new devices. Except the price. A refurbished iPhone is cheaper by 20%+ compared to the new one. It’s a deal to a buyer. But what about sellers? They have to diagnose each iPhone. Without an effective iPhone hardware diagnostic tool, it is a time-consuming and expensive process.

What is a modern iPhone diagnostic?

Seller has to check an iPhone to spot all possible issues. The most obvious way is to perform process manually, but it is often not necessary. If a seller disassembles an immaculate device, it turns into a waste of time and money. The much more effective way to diagnose an iPhone within 1 minute is to check a gadget with NSYS Tools, a professional diagnostic software. NSYS Tools is a multipurpose solution to check hardware and the IMEI / ESN as well.

The first part is a general test. Tester checks the IMEI, bad ESN, possible SIM lock as well as battery health. On December 2019, developers added a new feature. The tester may check for presence of non-original components in an iPhone. It is a unique feature in diagnostic tool, which prevents an unintended deception, when the reseller does not know that — for example — a new camera module is a cheap counterfeit part.

NSYS Tools general test results
NSYS Tools general test results

The second part of iPhone diagnostic is a hardware test. NSYS Tools software consists of 14 patented automated tests. For obvious reasons, some tests, such as touchscreen or buttons functionality tests, should be performed manually.

Even inexperienced tester can accomplish iPhone hardware test within 1 minute. Specialist mostly presses buttons, taps and swipes. It is an easy job even for a child. However, the key benefits of the software become clear only after completion of the test. Tester, as well as manager or anyone who has access to the system, gets an iPhone diagnostic result including the list of all detected issues from online database.

Automatic iOS / Android activation

Unique feature of NSYS Tools is an automatic iOS and Android activation. Automatic activation drastically reduces the time needed to diagnose iPhone and Android devices. How it works? After an iPhone is plugged to a computer, software performs all actions and launches NSYS Tools test.

Automatic Android activation is a pure magic, i.e. it is a useful feature considering different Android menus in various custom firmwares. The tester uses only smartphone with the installed NSYS Booster app (available on the App Store and Google Play). He or she activates an Android gadget and launches diagnostic software through NFC or after scanning the QR code. In that case, a computer with the diagnostic tool becomes unnecessary. Test results are automatically uploaded to the cloud. It means the results are available anytime to all authorized users.

Advanced battery test

Crucial part of the iPhone hardware diagnostics is a battery health test, because the quality of a battery tends to get worse during gadget lifespan. NSYS Tools provides two types of information about a battery after diagnostic test. Basic data include actual capacity and quantity of complete charge cycles. Information about genuine or non-original battery is available as well.

The second type of information includes a result of battery stress test. Importance of the advanced battery test becomes clear when diagnosing an old iPhone. If tester knows how the battery performs under heavy load, he or she gets confirmation about an actual battery health. If a battery discharges at 10% or less after 5-minute stress test, its capacity is satisfactory, according to our statistics.

Implementing iPhone software diagnostic to improve business process

In conclusion, let’s speak about a profit that iPhone diagnostics provide. When someone implements an automated solution, he or she expects to reduce business expenses and/or increase profits. Business owner achieves both goals immediately after implementing NSYS Tools in the company’s business process.

First of all, NSYS Tools is a time-saving solution, which means that fewer employees check more iPhones. Much more smartphones, in comparison to manual testing. Test accuracy also belongs to the list of benefits. With NSYS Tools testers never get a misrepresentation about gadgets conditions.

Don’t forget about the benefits provided by cloud-based system. For example, manager can estimate the most profitable distribution channels and employee‘s performance after analyzing a wide range of statistics, which is available in the account.

In summary, iPhone software diagnostic improve the effectiveness of business process and increases profits.

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