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NSYS GROUP 开发的NSYS Erasure 数据擦除解决方案成功获得了 ADISA 认证书。

2018 年NSYS Tools 数据擦除方法成功通过 ADISA 产品测试方法1.0 ,获得了 ADISA 认证书。本认证书确认 NSYS Erasure 软件可以按照测试文档规定的范围之内适用于清理ADISA 风险级别 1 和 2 的数据。

经ADISA认证的 NSYS 数据擦除软件符合全行业最高的法规标准,例如 NIST SP 800-88(修订版 1)“数据清理指南”,符合数据清理和清除的方式标准,而且还符合 R2 标准,确保 R2 认证的电子产品回收机构的数据擦除高质量、高透明度,符合环境和社会责任要求。


ADISA 是指数据处置和信息安全联盟,是专门给IT和电信行业提供资产处置和认证的机构。该联盟成立于 2010 年,由 IT 资产处置行业的风险管理、IT 合规性和数据保护方面的领先专家组成。

ADISA 行业标准适用于 IT 资产回收和处置、租赁、物流和维修企业。ADISA 审计过程是多层面的,包括全面审计、突击审计和取证审计,符合最高的行业标准,并反映了当前数据擦除的最佳方式。

这种方法可确保通过 ADISA 认证的企业都始终保持警觉。数据擦除软件的认证是公司努力争取的目标,但保持ADISA认证书可能更难实现。

欢迎访问 ADISA 的官方网站,查看我们数据擦除产品的测试报告测试证书

欢迎各位随时联系 NSYS GROUP,了解我们如何能满足您对数据清理的需求:sales@nsysgroup.com



CEBIT 11‑15 of June 2018

NSYS Group Team

On 11-15 of June 2018, the company NSYS GROUP took part in a business-festival of innovations, electronic and digital technologies CEBIT 2018. NSYS GROUP set up its booth at gsm Exchange pavilion, and there was a record number of visitors during the whole time of the exhibition. For us, this event was a great opportunity to demonstrate our updates and to attract potential clients. There were a lot of wholesalers, retailers, repairers and participants of the market who is trading pre-owned and refurbished devices, also suppliers and distributors, who can take a note of our product and become our partners.

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The Handelot Times Magazine, May 2018 #7 'Emerging Beast'

NSYS Group Team

As smartphone technology gets increasingly cheaper, more new devices are bought, with the exciting ones becoming involved and unwanted by their owners. If you're in on the used device side of the industry and you're looking to build a reputation rather than make a quick buck, then you're concerned with helping deliver the best possible products. The used smartphone market is growing quickly and as a result there are many business opportunities...

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