We were nominated as a Top Software Company in Kent by!

NSYS Group is a worldwide software providing company for the industry of used mobile devices since 2017. We’ve been working elaborately on each of our products and now we can say that we are one of the best solutions on the market. Thanks to our clients and their trust, we are growing more intense than ever before. Today we were glad to know that we were announced as a Top Software Company in Kent by!

We provide reliable solutions for companies all over the world. The more we develop our solutions, the more we develop ourselves, we strive to provide high-quality services and technical support in your native languages. Every day we help hundreds of customers and their enterprises to save money and time by boosting and automating their quality control processes.

We are happy to be listed among the top companies in the IT industry. Being a part of the team in this company is like being a part of a family, where everyone stands for each other. Different departments work as a complete entity. This level of internal management will fascinate anyone, who will get a chance to witness it.

Become a part of our team, grow and develop faster as a professional in an amazing community!

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We are happy to announce that NSYS All-in-One is finally released!
segunda-feira 12 julho 2021
NSYS Group Team
NSYS All-in-One is a game-changer in the industry of used mobile devices, as it helps to automate and boost the whole chain of processing used phones.
4 min de leitura
Our ADISA certification was updated
sexta-feira 09 julho 2021
NSYS Group Team
We’ve prolonged our ADISA certification for Data Erasure.
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