NSYS Buyback App Release

We are happy to announce the first product launch in 2021. NSYS Buyback solution is finally completed with an app.

NSYS Buyback App is a white-label app for companies operating with trade-in and buyback programs. Now trade-in/buyback businesses can offer customers a convenient way to sell their used devices!

Product manager Daria is pleased to introduce you to a white-label app for remote device trade-in and buyback.

“While working on NSYS Buyback app I have interviewed companies from all over the world to receive accurate results. For most of them, the COVID-19 pandemic made its adjustments to their businesses in 2020. So, my next step was to allow businesses to buy devices from customers with fewer risks for health, with a bigger margin, and in a more convenient environment. That’s how our Buyback App has been developed”.

Why is NSYS Buyback App worth it?

  • Your own ready-to-use branded app
  • Accurate prices are calculated based on both functional diagnostic andcosmetic condition
  • The best solution for eCom businesses
  • Flexible solution to scale your buyback business

Contact us to arrange a demo today.

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