7 Benefits that you will obtain with the new integration of NSYS tools

Nowadays, the recommerce of used phones is taking a big presence in both the online and the offline segment, and most of the wholesalers and retailers need to purchase more devices. For this reason, it is necessary to reduce their operational testing and repairing time and give the proper grading when checking phones in the buyback process. 

NSYS Group has integrated two of their solutions to make this process more accurate and generate considerable profit to all types of businesses involved in this industry, online and offline alike. In this article you will learn how the integration of NSYS Autograding with NSYS Buyback works and benefits your business.

How do NSYS Autograding and NSYS Buyback work separately?

NSYS Autograding is an AI powered solution that helps you grade used phones you receive through your store with a high degree of accuracy and speed. It evaluates the cosmetic condition of the device based on 6 pictures taken of each of the phone's surfaces. Then you get a link to share the photos of the device,in various chats and groups. Aside from that, it offers you the  grade based on its AI assessment.

NSYS Buyback is a software that helps to improve your trade-in business by quickly evaluating the device in front of the customer, accurately providing an estimated price for the device through a personalized series of questions and functional diagnostics tests, easily managing all the collected data directly from the cloud.

NSYS Autograding coupled with NSYS Buyback is able to provide the grade that is used as one more parameter affecting the final price. That's what you can use now to increase the competitiveness of your business and the satisfaction of your customers.

How can retailers and wholesalers benefit from this integration?

As mentioned before, this NSYS integration is just as good for businesses operating either online or offline. 

Online business, offline business


First, you will need to set up the evaluation process for the device owners coming to your website so that they are prompted to install the NSYS Autograding app. Then they are given a QR-code to identify themselves from within the app; and let them take six pictures of the phone they would like to sell. The NSYS Autograding app will do its magic and send the results right back to NSYS Buyback. Now that the device’s grade has been received, NSYS Buyback can use it to alter the final price based on the resulting grade. This way, with NSYS Buyback your customers will be able to perform the evaluation of their device from home and generate an order directly from your website.


Your employees can also use NSYS Autograding at the store as part of their phone evaluation procedure and perform the cosmetic assessment of the devices that are brought into your stores. Here, you also have the option to customize the operational workflow in a way that optimally suits your business and customers. And finally, you will get an accurate price for every device virtually and automatically.All this process and AI evaluation can be performed directly from a single application and there is no need for additional software to boost your business or your own buyback process. 

The most remarkable benefits?

  • Receiving the NSYS Autograding results directly through your NSYS Buyback solution; 

The cosmetic evaluation is completely automated and the results are uploaded directly to the NSYS Buyback interface.

  • Reducing human errors or discrepancies when assigning grades to the devices;

Now your technicians won’t be afraid to skip any step of the evaluation or grade the device wrongly as the automatization of the testing process removes subjectivity and human error with the AI-driven solution.

  • Calculating the aesthetic condition of the devices with our AI system;

NSYS employs cutting edge AI technologies to determine the cosmetic condition of mobile devices and automatically applies the results to affect their final selling price.

  • Customizing your own grading system;

You can choose how the devices are graded by the system, with letters (range from A to D), numbers or  the custom designations traditionally used by your business. Aside from that, you can choose exactly what criteria a device has to meet in order to be part of your stock.

  • Avoiding long-hours of training for your technicians;

As the process is automated and user-friendly, your technicians do not require long hours of training to use the software and navigate through the interface.

  • Using one app for multiple points of sales;

Cut down implementation costs using the solution in all your stores, keeping a real-time track of the orders and devices.You can also define and manage the rights and roles of every team member.

  • Getting QR codes;

After the evaluation and grading process the system generates a QR code containing all data and results of each device.

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So are you ready to implement the integration of NSYS Autograding and NSYS Buyback solutions at your stores? This is a WIN-WIN solution! Do not hesitate more and request a FREE DEMO! Our specialists will be glad to contact you and schedule a free demonstration of the incredible functions of NSYS Solutions.



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