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2021 Year with NSYS Group

2021 is coming to an end and we want to share with you the infographic about what was interesting in the used device industry during this year!



Full test of 10 smartphones within 5 minutes

Full test of 10 smartphones within 5 minutes!

NSYS Group Team

In this video, we show you how you can speed up your working process with NSYS Diagnostics! The average time to test one smartphone is only 30 seconds!

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2021年12月 NSYS All-in-One 更新

2021年12月 NSYS All-in-One 更新出来了!

NSYS Group Team

欢迎大家体验 NSYS All-in-One 软件生态系统的新功能! 一一键打印很多手机的标签。 设定安卓移动设备颜色与其 SKU的关系。 打印带有更多信息的验机报告。

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