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Mobile industry in 2018

Day after day companies make announcements and release new ideas and new devices; so, both they and their customers are looking ahead to what's going to be next. In 2018, we will pay attention to Apple, Samsung, LG and other companies to see what kinds of products they might produce in the future.

Other than these, it is important to know the latest statistics of mobile devices market and consumers behavior. It will help us plan our work properly.

There are some facts we'd like to share. In 2017, according the marketing statistics, 55% of digital ad budgets were spent on mobile and it is going to be 72% of all digital ad expenses by 2018.

In 2017, 80% of all websites were mobile adaptive and if you want your business to work well, it needs to be adapted to mobiles.

One more good news - 80% of people surf in the internet via smartphones and this number is only going to keep raising.

Users spend 70% of their media time while using smartphones.

Consumers want to spend their social media time using their mobiles for 89% of the time because it saves time and is usually more customized.

More than 50% of smartphone users grab their smartphones right after they wake up. Does that include you?

It is absolutely obvious that the mobile device industry is growing rapidly. Consumers are interested in buying used handsets more than ever. Prices are going up for brand new devices and people are increasingly trading in older phones to afford new ones in the same way they would trade in a used car. People are sure there is value in used phones. This is the main reason for running a business in the mobile device industry and streaming all experts' knowledge and experience to match customers' needs!

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