Why do you need inventory management software for mobile devices: 4 reasons

Every business has to manage its inventory whether it’s done in spreadsheets or specialized software. Without this, there will be no understanding of how items move around the warehouse, where they are stored, and when and to whom they are sold. 

Every niche business has its own set of specifications and information about products that need to be tracked. This is why we developed inventory management software for mobile devices and designed it to store everything needed for a successful mobile phones and tablets business. 

Here’s an explanation of the main benefits you can get using an inventory management system for used devices business.

  1. Invest your cash profitably. To increase your monthly income, you need to invest your money wisely by purchasing the right amount for each mobile device. Also, you have to analyze the data so that some items simply do not lie on the shelf and increase storage costs.
  2. Reduce theft and losses in your warehouse. Your products can be lost in many different ways while stocking in a warehouse. But if you track your inventory levels accurately, you can quickly spot those problems and prevent them in the future.
  3. Detect issues on the early steps. Using automatically generated reports of inventory levels, you will be able to detect problems immediately, rather than months later during the annual cycle calculation, when the discrepancies may already cost you a fortune.
  4. Decrease missed sales rate. If you don't keep accurate inventory records, your business is at risk. Instead of relying on your memory or using spreadsheets to decide what to reorder, use up-to-date inventory reports. With WMS, you can quickly identify slow-spreading products to free up money for new product investments.

WMS vs Spreadsheets

The easiestway to track your stock is to use spreadsheets, especially for small businesses. However, after a while, it gets way too challenging to navigate through gigabytes files and many different applications. In the end, it leads to errors and negative payoff. Humans are not machines that can go through that amount of data flawlessly. Misclick at any stage and the typo may become a massive lesion. 

It gets even worse when there is no flexible solution that can cover the needs of a complex business. As many companies work with multiple warehouses and stocks spreadsheets can quickly become too complicated and unmanageable.

That is why our clients are switching from manual management and spreadsheets to inventory tracking software. However, there are many who haven’t taken advantage of a special software solution (WMS) yet, so they still get damaged by inventory losses and face cash losses.

Why do you need an Inventory System designed for your business?

With our inventory management system, you can finally track the parameters that are important to your business. The most important things to track that we implemented in NSYS Inventory:

  1. Saving and tracking unique IMEI numbers of your mobile devices.
  2. Easy to use system - add items manually or use a barcode scanner.
  3. Grades and how they impact the prices.
  4. GSMA Blacklist and CarrierLock checking.
  5. Defects analytics to track suppliers with the most amount of good quality items.
  6. Built-in returns management system.

Benefits of inventory management software by NSYS

  • Learn about the most profitable sales channels.
  • Work with multiple warehouses and locations easily.
  • Manage Users Permissions and Roles.
  • Print label designed for your company.
  • See all Margin/Profit rates that calculate automatically.
  • Track Accounting and Finances in one window.

With these features, you would be able to improve your business workflow and get your business to another level. Not only it’ll simplify your work but also will boost your profits by eliminating the possibility of human error.

Soon you would also be able to integrate NSYS Inventory with our diagnostics and buyback management systems. With this, you’ll fulfill any possible needs of your used devices business.

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