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2019年7月NSYS Diagnostics的 更新

2019年7月NSYS Diagnostics的 更新


  • 设定您自定义的APP测试页面(《自定义问题》),添加成功之后,测试人员需要对每个问题选择正确答案(是/否)。 
  • LCD Pixels 测试项目可以设定《自动滑动屏幕》选项。
  • 相机测试项目的《自动拍照》选项。


  • 设定您自定义的APP测试页面(《自定义问题》)
  • 按下Home键即可自动完成Touch ID测试(测试过程中手机与电脑保持USB连接的前提下)
  • LCD Pixels 测试项目可以设定《自动滑动屏幕》
  • 相机测试项目的《自动拍照》选项
  • 可跳过触摸屏测试页面

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NSYS GROUP at MWC19 Shanghai

NSYS Group Team

On 26 - 28 of June 2019, NSYS GROUP took part in MWC19 Shanghai. For us, this industry event was an opportunity to demonstrate our software and to attract potential clients from such a difficult Chinese market, and also meet with existing clients.

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NSYS GROUP at ITC Malta 2019

NSYS Group Team

This June, the 8th International Trade Convention was held in Malta. The networking event brought together 400 delegates from 43 countries and undoubtedly, it was the most relaxed and friendly industry event in which the NSYS GROUP team have ever participated.

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