NSYS Buyback Update: What’s new?

Our team is working every day to improve and make NSYS Buyback even more relevant to today's buyback business. Here are a few of the features we've created to suit your needs:

  • User controls
  • Amazon average prices
  • IMEI checks in Buyback calculator
  1. Managing of user controls

    Manage every stage of your business by dividing different roles in the workflow!

    • Now each staff member can see only their orders.
    • Restrict your pricing and calculator settings modifications with the "Manager" role.
    • Use these permissions to manage your workflow and protect your data.
  2. Integration of average prices from

    Now you can manage your buyback prices in line with the device average market prices!

    • Now you can see the average Amazon prices of any model on your device card.
    • When you set a buyback price for an item, you can plan your margin according to the average market prices.
  3. Availability of IMEI checks

    Don't want to buy devices with bad IMEI? Now you can check it while evaluating a device with NSYS Buyback.

    You can enable the "bad IMEI" feature in your buyback calculator so that it will not allow you to buy a device with a bad IMEI.

    Available for checks:

    • ESN (Global BlackList status)
    • ESNA (Global BlackList + Financial debt)
    • Simlock (Carrier Lock)
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