RMA negotiation about used phones is a complex process. Usually business partners communicate via emails and various messengers, that’s why it’s easy to get lost in requests.

NSYS RMA provides you a new simple way of processing RMAs. This product is designed for quick and effective online communication. We’ve combined RMA application forms with online chats where both sides can discuss the whole faulty batch or a single device.

How does it work? Just import the devices from NSYS Diagnostics History or Excel list, add photo/video proofs of defects, and send them. The counterparty will receive your request and will be able to join the chat even if he doesn’t use NSYS.

Using NSYS RMA will save your time and help you to build trust with your business partners.


Communicate about each device or a whole batch in a multithreaded chat
Import the devices from NSYS Diagnostics History or an Excel list
Work in an intuitive and user-friendly interface
Discuss requests with your business partner online
Be aware of every update. All photos/video proofs are attached to the particular IMEI
Upload photo/video proofs of the particular device (possible to upload from the smartphone via NSYS Booster App)

NSYS Tools Reviews

Wireless Mall
Wireless Mall, USA Andrew Walsh (Technician) “Testing process is pretty quick and accurate. We can test more devices now and yes, I recommend NSYS!”
Fonestore, Spain Carlos L.M. (QC manager) “Their agility in inspection and simplicity, technical support. We can recommend NSYS Group for companies working in the sector of used and refurbished mobile devices.”
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