NSYS Diagnostics: Halloween update

As promised, we have managed to deliver another significant bunch of updates in October. Despite the fact that It was released right on Halloween Eve, it is not scary but on the contrary, rather user-friendly. Here are the features that our clients will enjoy starting from November 2020:

No need to trust the developer once NSYS-Test app is installed

Diagnostic time of every iOS device takes about 10 seconds less than before since you don’t have to trust the developer in iPhone/iPad settings to start testing. Simply connect the device to your PC, get the app and launch it!

SIM Reader test

You can enable a SIM Reader test that will check if a SIM card has been inserted and is working properly.

In the end the diagnostic NSYS-Test app will remind you to remove the SIM card.

FMIP status of iOS devices can be detected via remote mobile app wirelessly

When you diagnose a phone using NSYS-Test app downloaded from the App Store or from our server, you will obtain results of FMIP check.

FRP ON will be shown on the device card if a device has a Google and/or Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi account enabled.

Optimizations for generating one-time codes for NSYS-Test diagnostic app

From now on you can generate one-time access codes for NSYS-test app for your retail customers automatically through our API.

I hope we haven’t frightened you too much. Our development team wishes you a Happy Halloween and looks forward to supplying you with new valuable features in November!

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