Check out our brand new system for RMA

Return merchandise authorization is a simple system to handle a controversial situation, supposedly. In fact, processing an RMA becomes a new obstacle for business partners, because they constantly have to speculate upon the long list of gadgets. We created an effective tool for easy-going conversation. Meet NSYS RMA.

Imagine you have a solution to handle with a long list of problematic devices, mostly broken and overestimated. You can upload photos and videos of each gadget to a system and start a chat linked with particular IMEI / SN. You and your employees can negotiate with business partners inside the system, not using messengers and email. Sounds great. And the good news is we did such system.

Introducing NSYS RMA. Ultimate solution to process return goods authorization in used electronics market. What makes that system a game changer? It is a time saving cloud-based solution, which is more comfortable than table conversation, and much more effective than messaging back and forth.

NSYS RMA device list page
NSYS RMA device list page

First things first. Upload a list of problematic gadgets from an Excel file or from the NSYS Tools history page. You can also add devices manually. Then add photos, videos and / or commentary to each IMEI line. By the way, to process an RMA request you have to input the IMEI or Serial Number. Not necessary to input both numbers. That is why any company on the used electronics market may implement NSYS RMA in business process. Set a deadline and send a request. Your business partner gets a notification email as well as notification in NSYS RMA.

NSYS RMA item card
NSYS RMA item card

What the benefits NSYS RMA provides? It is a useful system, which reduces time spent on chats and emails. Its simple easy to navigate interface allows arranging any quantity of problematic gadgets into easy to consume data. In other words, you and your business partner never will lose in translations and negotiations. Just look at the photos and make a decision about each device.

To start using NSYS RMA today just send us a request.

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