End of an era: CEBIT Hannover cancelled

End of an era: CEBIT Hannover cancelled

World's largest annual technology event CEBIT cancelled after 33 years of exhibiting due to dropping visitor numbers and reduced space booking. The organising company, Deutsche Messe AG, decided to streamline event portfolio by integration CEBIT digital topics related to the industry into the Hannover MESSE fair. Other CEBIT topics will be developed for other top-events targeting decision-makers in selected industries.

"In recent years, many discussions within the German industry have involved the thematic overlap between HANNOVER MESSE and CEBIT. It is now time to integrate the topics from CEBIT that are relevant for manufacturing, energy and logistics into HANNOVER MESSE. We are currently examining the digital market to determine which remaining CEBIT topics we will develop into new events", said Dr Jochen Kockler, CEO of Deutsche Messe AG.

Deutsche MESSE also stated that the cancellation is a result of "technological developments within the digital economy that have reduced demand for horizontal tradeshows such as CEBIT". This restructuring is a necessary move that responds to the fact that digitalisation's innovative impact has reached all industries and is playing a key role at trade exhibitions. As a result, numbers of CEBIT's core exhibitors have turned to events targeting industrial application industries to generate new business.

According to the media reports, the number of people visited CEBIT was continually decreasing. The attendance in the last decade has dropped from the peak in 495,000 visitors in 2008 to 200,000 in 2016. The number of exhibitors decreased from 5,845 in 2008 to 3,300 in 2016. The updated CEBIT 2018 concept consisted of an exhibition, conferences and festivals, couldn't attract more than 2,800 exhibitors and 120,000 attendees. This year, exhibitors were complaining about high prices, and for CEBIT 2019 only 6,000 square meters of space was booked, which is three times lower compared to the last year November booking.

However, Deutsche Messe intends to "continue to use the CEBIT brand at events abroad".

In 2018 the NSYS GROUP took part in CEBIT and set up the booth at gsm Exchange pavilion with a record number of visitors during the exhibition. For our company CEBIT event was a great opportunity to demonstrate our product to potential clients.

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