Top‑5 Mobile Phone Diagnostics Tests

Smartphone diagnostics are important for any mobile phone business operating on the market and trading mobile devices.

When a new batch arrives, there is no time to check each phone for functional and cosmetic defects. For instance, wholesalers may inspect random devices from the batch manually to save time. Because of this, they may miss important phone defects and, as a result, the quality of their products goes down, and the quantity of RMAs grows.

Similarly, in the mobile buyback industry, where proper mobile device diagnostics impact on the final price and business profitability. Here are a bunch of factors that lead to inaccuracy in the cell phone evaluation: unseen defects, functionality faults, IMEI issues.

As a global provider of an acclaimed software solution for mobile phone diagnostics, we have identified the most demanded iPhone and Android phone tests that are important for every industry in the secondary mobile phone market.

Phone battery test

Battery stress test by NSYS Tools

Usually, phones are used by the first owner for about two years. During this time, the device battery becomes less durable with every month. As one of the most important smartphone parts, battery defects are very critical for the performance.

A mobile battery test shows whether the device is worth to be bought or not

NSYS Tools provides one of the most advanced tests on the market today, and includes five components:

  • Battery stress test
  • Battery health check
  • Battery cycles check
  • Current capacity check
  • Design capacity check

Replacement parts detection

Non-OEM / Replacement parts detection by NSYS Tools

According to our data, almost 30% of used devices have a non-OEM screen. The market of pre-owned mobile phones has become flooded with devices with non-OEM/copy device parts that are not always easy to detect during manual inspection. Tests that reveal the authenticity of phone parts, such as non-OEM LCD screen or touch ID replacement helps buyers and sellers to avoid unprofitable deals.

NSYS Tools checks:

  • LCD Screen authenticity Exclusive
  • Battery authenticity
  • Touch ID replacement
  • Back camera authenticity
  • Front camera authenticity
  • Motherboard authenticity

iPhone and Android phone screen tests

Colour screen test, 3D Touch test, LCD pixels test, Multi-touch test, screen tests by NSYS Tools

A dead pixel can appear on every model of Android device or iPhone. If a phone already has dead pixels on its screen, you will have to replace the screen.

NSYS Tools helps to detect and possibly replace it. Another screen issue is touch faults – dead areas on the screen, 3D Touch, and Multi-Touch issues. These tests are crucial because modern-day smartphones use capacitive touchscreens and if the touch doesn’t work properly, you will not be able to use it.

NSYS Tools provides tests to perform a thorough iPhone or Android screen check:

  • Colour screen test
  • 3D Touch
  • Touch screen test
  • Multi-touch test
  • LCD pixels test

Phone audio tests

iPhone / Android audio tests by NSYS Tools

The main task of the phone is to connect people. We want to hear when somebody calls us and to be heard while talking. In case of poor quality of the microphone or/and speakers, the basic function of the phone cannot be performed. This is why it is so important to verify the audio.

We also have audio tests that will test all the speakers and microphones in every iOS/Android device. Thus, NSYS Tools tests the entire audio system of the cell phone completely.

  • Vibrotest
  • Bottom speaker test
  • Loud Speaker test
  • Earphones test
  • Rear microphone test
  • Bottom microphone test
  • Front/receiver microphone

Ultra Wide Camera test

iPhone 11 Ultra Wide camera test by NSYS Tools

We check all types of phone cameras, including the newest Ultra Wide Camera.

Our solution presents a unique test for checking Ultra Wide Camera on the iPhone 11, since this model has already appeared on the secondary market. The essence of the test is to reproduce the performance of the camera.

NSYS Tools provides next mobile camera tests:

  • Front camera test
  • Back camera test
  • Telephoto camera test
  • Ultra-wide camera test
  • Flash test
  • Face ID check

With NSYS Diagnostics solution you can run more than 60 automated and semi-automated tests and detect more than 100 defects. Diagnose your stock faster and more accurately!

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