NSYS Tools is useful to any company operating in the used mobile device industry. Wholesalers can improve their revenue with faster QC process and optimised workflows. Wholesalers use NSYS Tools to diagnose big volumes of used phones every day. It is possible to connect and test up to 60 devices simultaneously. Therefore, many devices can be tested more accurately, and companies reduce cost by using the automated system instead of manual testing. It also helps to minimise human errors, increase profit margin, and limit additional expenses related to production.


We focus on the end consumer satisfaction. Retailers often use software to reduce the amount of returned devices (RMA). NSYS Tools enables you to perform full and accurate mobile device tests. It helps you to make sure that the devices are fully functional, thereby raising customer’s trust and brand awareness.


NSYS Tools tests used devices in full and checks over 30 functional options for iOS & Android devices, including tablets. Besides, NSYS Tools provides data erasure services which adhere to the highest standards of the industry requirements. You can erase all data from up to 60 devices simultaneously in just a few minutes. Therefore, recyclers will be able to reduce the preparation time for reselling the devices.

Repair service companies

Repair service companies may spend a lot of their time diagnosing a device. With the help of NSYS Tools, you can identify all potential problems in a couple of minutes. Repair services will be able to repair mobile devices faster. They get an opportunity to process more devices per day and minimise the amount of RMAs.

Mobile network operators

Selling phones and providing a variety of services can be very complicated because of the big number of used devices processed. Besides, it takes a lot of time. By using NSYS Tools, you will be able to limit expenses, resulting in increased profits. Therefore, cellular network operators are able to provide a wide variety of services to their customers and raise their benefit by reselling used devices.

Buyback providers

The "buyback" industry is developing at the moment, and the market becomes very competitive. The most successful buyback providers use NSYS Tools to improve their workflows and get competitive advantages. We provide them with a solution that makes internal processes better and increases their product quality. With trusted NSYS Tools software, they receive positive feedback from customers, improve trust, and create additional confidence in results.

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