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Working with used iOS and Android devices is a complicated business. One has to test many functions, multiple operating system versions, and different manufacturers. Testing all the functions can be a serious challenge, especially if you have to test hundreds of devices a day and even more! It affects your products’ quality, reduces time-to-market, and raises the amount of RMAs. Moreover, automated tests prevent human errors. It is impossible to deceive the program. In addition to that, the software can be customized by a user so that you can satisfy your specific business needs and make the program reflect the peculiarities of your business. As a result, you will increase your profitability.

We know how to make your life easier, save your time and raise your revenue!

How easy is it to test a device?


Install the application on your PC


Connect all the devices and get the extensive info


Test your devices


Automatically activate all connected devices


Print out labels


Erase all the data from all the devices automatically


Review database on your PC

NSYS Tools

  1. Mobile diagnostics
  • There are over 40 NSYS tests perfomed
    • Network
    • Motherboard issues
    • Touchscreens
    • LCD
    • All speakers
    • All microphones
    • All sensors
    • Cameras
    • All buttons
    • Battery
  1. NSYS ESN and ESN Advanced
  2. NSYS Database
  3. Auto activation
  4. Label printing
  5. NSYS Erasure
  6. Restore

NSYS ESN and ESN Advanced

ESN check

The IMEI number and the ESN number of a phone are similar to a serial number or VIN of a car. Usually, a phone carrier can track a phone quickly with the IMEI or ESN number and provide you with all the details including the model, specs, and carrier. It’s important to check IMEI and ESN numbers to be sure that the devices are not stolen. With NSYS Tools, you can be sure of the devices you purchase because we provide you with instant information if the device if it's stolen or not.

IMEI checks powered by GSMA

NSYS Database

The information about all tested devices is entered into your database automatically. You will get the exhaustive info about the devices, such as vendor state, carrier, iCloud Lock, Jailbreak/Root, SPEC and so on. You will be able to access your NSYS database from any device and at any time. Thanks to our smart database system, you can quickly track, filter, print labels and export any info about the devices.

Other than the results, the user can also set up the vendor and invoice information. You are able to see the name of the last person who tested the device and gets access to the cloud-based data from any place!

Data base

Auto activation

Auto activation

When you work with iOS devices, it becomes very helpful to activate the devices automatically. Auto-activation saves your time from the beginning because it takes just a few seconds and you do not need to activate each device manually. It helps you start the devices by skipping all regular configuration steps!

Label printing

Label printing includes extensive information about the devices you tested. There are a variety of labels to choose from and you are can always choose the one most appropriate for your current needs.

Label printing

NSYS Erasure

Data erasure

You need to press only one button to erase all data from up to 60 devices simultaneously! It takes just a few minutes to wipe all data from the previous users!

NSYS Erasure adheres to high standards of the industry regulations such as NIST SP 800-88 (Rev. 1) and Guidelines for Media Sanitization (Clear and Purge methods).

The ADISA Industry Standards apply to companies that participate in IT asset recovery, leasing, logistics, repair centre and the IT Asset Disposal Standard. The ADISA audit process includes unannounced operational audits and forensic audits. It accepts the highest industry standards and reflects current best practices for handling data-carrying assets.

NSYS Tools erasure method passed testing attack by commercial data recovery organisation able to mount non-invasive and non-destructive software attacks and hardware attacks.

What do you need to use NSYS Tools

PC with Windows 7 or higher

Internet access

USB hubs to simultaneously check multiple devices

Printer if you like to print out labels immediately

About one minute to install a programm

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