Upgrade your workflow with NSYS Data Transfer

We have expanded the NSYS Tools product line with one more product – Data Transfer. Transfer data from the previous device to your new phone in one interface.

Used phones market is changing due to COVID-19

Secondary mobile market: How COVID-19 affected the used devices market development and why is it connected with the launch of the iPhone 12?

Wie kann man die Touch ID auf dem iPhone beim Aufkauf überprüfen? Update von NSYS Tools

In diesem Artikel stellen wir eine neue Funktion vor, mit der Sie die Originalität von Touch ID auf dem iPhone überprüfen können. Sie erfahren auch mehr über das neueste Update in NSYS Tools!

Automatische Prüfung der Originalität von Displays vs Manuelle Prüfung

Wie kann man am besten die Originalität des Bildschirms herausfinden? Wir haben die automatische und manuelle Prüfung verglichen. Unser Artikel gibt Ihnen einen Überblick über die Ergebnisse.

Sofortige Prüfung der Originalität des iPhone-Bildschirms wird möglich

NSYS Group fügte eine neue Funktion zu NSYS Tools hinzu. Es handelt sich um eine Diagnose-Software für gebrauchte Handys. Jetzt können Sie die Originalität des iPhone-Bildschirms bestimmen, ohne das Smartphone zerlegen zu müssen.

Digest: Wie Europa aus der Quarantäne kommt (22. Mai)

Die europäischen Länder haben begonnen, die Sperrmaßnahmen zu vereinfachen. Wir haben die Aktivitäten unserer Kunden vor und nach der Sperrung analysiert und Schlussfolgerungen zur Entwicklung des Marktes für gebrauchte Telefone unter Quarantänebedingungen gezogen.

Lockerungen in Frankreich: wie hat der Markt für gebrauchte Handys darauf reagiert?

"Frankreich lockert allmählich die Einschränkungen", kündigte Ministerpräsident E. Philippe an. Schließlich dürfen die Menschen ihre Wohnungen oder Häuser "ohne triftigen Grund" verlassen, zur Arbeit gehen und die Geschäfte dürfen wieder öffnen. Und wie beeinflusst es den Markt für renovierte Handys?

NSYS Group hat ein neues Produkt für Buy-back und Trade-in in der Mobilfunkbranche hergestellt

NSYS Buyback ist ein Produkt, das die Kosten für gebrauchte iPhone - und Android-Geräte für Buy-back und Trade-in Transaktionen genau einschätzt. Der Endpreis setzt sich aus benutzerdefinierten von dem Unternehmen mit Rücksicht auf seine Anforderungen bestimmten Parametern aus. Welche Vorteile genießen Sie bei der Nutzung von NSYS Buy-back?

New product for Buyback and Trade-In deals that determines the accurate cost of used phones and tablets

We are announcing a new product for those who operate with Buyback and Trade-In programs. Now you can determine the exact price for every used device and test them on more than 50 automatic and semi-automatic parameters. Since then manual inspection is no longer needed!

Wireless auto-activation, diagnostics and erasure of any Android device via NFC tags

We have upgraded our app that boosts Android gadgets activation and diagnostic process. There is no need for a PC, USB-hubs and cables anymore – all you require is a simple NFC tag! With NSYS your workspace becomes portable and perfectly adapted for remote work.

Mobile Market Rebound after COVID-19

After a severe drop in mobile sales due to the coronavirus pandemic, economic and industrial performance in many countries began to stabilize and rise. Due to the restoration of the balance between supply and demand, mobile phone sales in China grew by 241%.

How has remote work increased the demand for mobile phones and tablets?

To help slow down the spread of coronavirus, more employees around the world are working remotely, and companies are eager to create virtual offices. In this regard, the demand for used and refurbished mobile phones and tablets is growing.

Mobile diagnostic software for Mac OS and Windows

NSYS Group has updated diagnostic software for used and refurbished phones and tablets. As a result, NSYS Tools has been adapted to work on computers using Mac OS.

NSYS Group helps you adapt your business to remote work

Today, more and more companies are quarantined due to the COVID-19 and we at NSYS Group urge you to protect yourself and your loved ones. Learn how you can rapidly embed remote working in mobile industry.

Updates of 30.03 - The interface is modified and new functions are added

On March 30, our users received notifications about the latest updates in NSYS Tools. The developers of NSYS Group have enhanced the interface and added new functionalities. What improvements and modifications are available to you now?

What will the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic be for the world of second-hand and refurbished mobile phones and tablets market?

In this article, you will find out about the issues that the companies trading refurbished and used tablets and phones have faced so far. We will also highlight how NSYS Tools will help you not only to save your company in this situation but even improve your business processes.

What are the main characteristics of consumers of refurbished phones in France?

It's no secret that the market of refurbished smartphones is on the rise and keep growing every year. More and more French people prefer to buy a refurbished phone rather than a new phone. In this article, you will discover the portrait of a French consumer and the potential of the refurbished phone market in France.

MWC 2020 has been cancelled but Mobile News XPO is coming soon

We are sincerely sorry that we didn’t have a chance to meet you in Barcelona, but there is still a chance to catch up at Mobile News XPO in London on March 12, 2020.

MWC Barcelona, 24-27 February 2020

The GSMA MWC(Mobile World Congress) is the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry, and incorporates a thought-leadership conference with over 2.400 leading, global technology companies.

Wireless diagnostic of Android mobile devices using NSYS Booster

The world becomes more and more mobile and wireless-based every day. Mobile phone diagnostic process has to follow the trend. In this article we are going to tell you about our unique advantage: more than 50 tests of an Android device done within 2 minutes and saved as a report to your company’s database absolutely wirelessly.

Diagnose Android devices wirelessly with NSYS Booster

The world becomes more mobile and wireless every day and our software solutions follow this trend. Meet NSYS Booster, our cutting-edge app that will help you to test Android-based devices wirelessly while maintaining the quality of a regular diagnostic and keeping all records in your database.

Detect non-original parts in Apple devices using NSYS Tools

NSYS GROUP team wishes you a Happy New Year and it is definitely going to be a fruitful one for our clients. On January 6 we became the first company in the industry that offered a much-desired feature: detection of non-original parts in Apple devices. A promising start, isn’t it?

Check out our brand new system for RMA

Return merchandise authorization is a simple system to handle a controversial situation, supposedly. In fact, processing an RMA becomes a new obstacle for business partners, because they constantly have to speculate upon the long list of gadgets. We created an effective tool for easy-going conversation. Meet NSYS RMA.

How iPhone diagnostic software allows succeeding on the used smartphone market?

Creating business on the used smartphone market differentiates from selling the factory-new gadgets. Resellers are liberated from the MSRP, however, they have to check each iPhone to detect all possible hardware issues, as well as SIM lock or bad ESN. That process may cause errors and could lead to misspending if the tester does not use effective iPhone diagnostic software.

4 tips to start a business at the used smartphone market

The cell phone market could be simply explained just a few years ago. Consumers from developed countries were eager for all new iPhones, mostly. The situation is much more complicated today, especially after the emergence of the used smartphone market.

NSYS Group attends ITAD Scottsdale

Our team is deeply honored that NSYS Group is a Silver Sponsor and exhibiting at the ITAD Summit on November 19-20 in Scottsdale, AZ.

How sustainable consumption may affect the used smartphone market?

Hype around new smartphones has recently been declining. Contrariwise, consumer attention shifted from ideas about new features to ecological issues related to gadget production. Why sustainability does matter, and what the lesson we should learn from the latest research data?


IFA Berlin 2019 was successfully held from September 8 to 11. The exhibition occupied 161,000 m2 of the area and attracted 1,800 exhibitors and 240,000 visitors from all over the world.

IFA Berlin, 6-11 September 2019

NSYS GROUP is going to Germany to participate at IFA Berlin trade show. The event will be held on September 6-11. Find NSYS GROUP Booth #153 at hall 11.1.

The Latest updates of NSYS Tools

We have updated the History section. The new updates of NSYS Tools were released on Monday, August 12. As a result, the system has become faster, smoother and more customisable. The updates run automatically. Explore our new updates and features


From 26 to 27 June, Mobile & Electronic Trader Assembly took place in Hannover, Germany, in which the NSYS GROUP company participated as an exhibitor.

The Latest updates of NSYS Tools

The new updates of NSYS Tools for mobile phones were released on Thursday, July 4. As a result, more tests have become automatic. The updates run automatically.Explore our new updates and features.

NSYS GROUP at MWC19 Shanghai

On 26 - 28 of June 2019, NSYS GROUP took part in MWC19 Shanghai. For us, this industry event was an opportunity to demonstrate our software and to attract potential clients from such a difficult Chinese market, and also meet with existing clients.

NSYS GROUP at ITC Malta 2019

This June, the 8th International Trade Convention was held in Malta. The networking event brought together 400 delegates from 43 countries and undoubtedly, it was the most relaxed and friendly industry event in which the NSYS GROUP team have ever participated.

Global Sources Mobile Electronics, October 2019

In October, the Mobile Electronics exhibition will be held again in Hong Kong. We will be glad to meet you at our booth #9H18 at AsiaWorld-Expo. Join our live demonstration of the testing process with NSYS Tools and learn about your benefits of using mobile phones diagnostic software.

META Hannover, 26-27 June 2019

NSYS GROUP will participate as an exhibitor in META 2019 (Mobile & Electronic Trader Assembly) organized by GSM-B2B. The event will be held on June 26-27 in Hannover, Germany. NSYS GROUP Booth #04.

Visit us to learn more about how NSYS Tools will help you optimise your QC processes and add the needed value to your overall business.


Announcing the New NSYS Tools UI

We're happy to announce that today NSYS Tools is fully switching to a new and improved user interface (UI). The rollout for customers and users has been in phases beginning March through today. All updates run automatically.


Why you should start selling used phones in 2019

In 2018 the used phone market was worth an estimated $29.85 billion with a 7 per cent rise YoY. Read why to start selling used phones in 2019 is a good idea.

ITC Malta, 13-16 June 2019

The NSYS GROUP team is heading to Malta to participate at 8th International Trade Convention ITC Malta.

A three-day networking event brings international distributors, retailers, traders, resellers and wholesalers in the Mobile Phone and Consumer Electronics industry together to meet new contacts and old friends in a professional and relaxed setting.


NSYS GROUP at Global Sources Mobile Electronics in April 2019

The NSYS GROUP team has participated in the Mobile Electronics exhibition in Hong Kong in April. Over 3600 exhibitors from 200 countries came to AsiaWorld-Expo to visit manufacturers and other suppliers from China and throughout Asia.

See you at the next Global Source Mobile Electronics on October 18-21!


MWC in Shanghai, 26-28 June 2019

NSYS GROUP is heading to the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai June 26 through 26. MWC Shanghai 2019 is Asia's leading event for next-generation technology - 5G, IoT, AI, big data and beyond.

Visit our booth #4N.G53 to see the demonstration of how NSYS Tools tests mobile devices and to learn how NSYS Tools can boost your business.


NSYS GROUP at Global Source Mobile Electronics April 2019

Last week the NSYS GROUP team has participated in the Mobile Electronics exhibition in Hong Kong. Over 3600 exhibitors from more than 200 countries came to AsiaWorld-Expo to visit manufacturers and other suppliers from China and throughout Asia.

How to get ahead with used iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR

In many countries, iPhone X and older models have become the best-selling phones in Q4 2018 and Q1 2019. In the US, Apple holds a leading position, with the 5 iPhones in the top-10. How to get ahead with used iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR?

The Rise of the Used and Refurbished Phone Market

The used smartphone market is very similar to an iceberg - there's so much more to it beneath the surface. Back in 2013, there were rumours about the fast-growing interest in used phones. And three years later Deloitte declared that it had become a $17 billion global market in 2016.

NSYS GROUP at ITAD Summit Miami, 2019

NSYS GROUP participated as an exhibitor and a speaker in ITAD Summit 2019 in Miami.

We would like to thanks the ITAD Summit team for that amazing show, for the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion and to expand our network with very influential people in the ITAD sector.


Mobile Electronics in Hong Kong, April 2019

NSYS GROUP showcases its latest updates of software and market apps at Mobile Electronics in Hong Kong, from 18th to 21st of April 2019. Meet us at Booth 11M26 to learn about your benefits of using updated software NSYS Tools for full mobile devices diagnostics and secure data erasure and to see a live demonstration of the testing process.

The best online marketplaces for used smartphones

Today there are many marketplaces with used mobiles devices in the world. We single out a few basic ones that are most popular among pre-owned phone buyers. As a result of analysing the most popular marketplaces pros and cons, you can understand what your client wants/needs when buying a used phone online and deliver excellent customer service.

The Latest updates of NSYS Tools

The new updates of NSYS Tools for mobile phones were released on Tuesday, March 26. The updates run automatically.

Explore our new updates and features.


NSYS GROUP at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2019

We've had a great time at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, the biggest and most exciting mobile event of the year. See us on March 27-29 at ITAD Summit Miami 2019 and on April 18-21 at Mobile Electronics in Hong Kong.

NSYS Test Market App is available in the AppStore and Google Play

NSYS Test is available for download in the AppStore and Google Play and it is free now for our clients. NSYS Test is an ultimate application for diagnostics of mobile devices. All functions will be checked within one application in 1 minute.

ITAD Summit 2019 in Miami, 27-28 March, 2019

NSYS GROUP will participate as an exhibitor and a speaker in ITAD Summit in Miami (Florida), March 27-28, 2019.

Meet us at Booth 103, Pompeii Ballroom


NSYS GROUP at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2019

Recently NSYS GROUP team has participated in the world's biggest trade-show in mobile technologies Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. 1200 phones at an average speed of 41 devices per hour had been tested during 4 days of the exhibition.

Global Used and Refurbished Phones Market Study

These days, nearly half of the world’s population uses a smartphone and annual spending on new smartphone hardware exceeds US$370 billion. According to the report by Counterpoint, due to the growing availability of affordable smartphones, the average global end user replaces his device after 21 months.

The Latest updates of NSYS Tools

The new updates of NSYS Tools for mobile phones were released on Monday, February 18. The updates run automatically.

Explore our new updates and features.


The best camera phones to buy in 2019

Today, fewer people are buying phones exclusively for calls. In the modern world, it is almost necessary to have a good camera, a large amount of phone memory, access to social networks, etc. So what features and specs should you look for while choosing the best camera phone for your budget? We found the best smartphones of 2017- 2018 and created a list with various brands for different budgets.

The NSYS GROUP in CES 2019, Las Vegas, Nevada

CES 2019 was our first exhibition in 2019. We were amazed at the size of the event. Over 4,500 exhibitors, including the biggest tech companies in the world, were presenting the latest tech innovations and brilliant gadgets.

The Latest updates of NSYS Tools

The new updates of NSYS Tools for mobile phones were released on Monday, February 4. The updates run automatically.

Explore our new updates and features.


NSYS GROUP in CES January 8-11 2019

CES 2019 in Las Vegas is officially over. It was our first exhibition in 2019. During five days we were demonstrating our promo and sharing with all interested visitors the advantages of using NSYS Tools. We had a great opportunity to meet new clients and partners. Moreover, we were amazed at the size of the event and all the brilliant tech and gadgets performed there.


MWC Barcelona, 25-28 February 2019

NSYS GROUP will take a part of MWC Barcelona, from 25th to 28th of February 2019.

Meet us at Hall 5, Stand 5K67 to learn about your benefits of using certified software NSYS Tools for full mobile devices diagnostics and secure data erasure


The Latest updates of NSYS Tools

The new updates of NSYS Tools for mobile phones were released on Monday, January 7. The updates run automatically.

We added the new feature - 'SKU Directory', which allows you to generate SKU numbers for the devices.

We are constantly working to provide you with the best possible customer experience. Learn more about all diagnostics tests for mobiles provided by NSYS Tools at our youtube channel.


Mobile Phones Data Sanitisation Standards

If you are dealing with used mobile devices, you may have heard of data erasure standards like DoD (the U.S. Department of Defense), NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), ADISA (Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance) and R1-R2. Are you following the right wiping standard?

The Latest updates of NSYS Tools

The new updates of NSYS Tools were released on Monday, December 17. The updates run automatically.
Explore our new updates and features.

Amazon new deal with Apple affected Amazon Renewed Program

In autumn 2018 numbers of Apple refurbishers had been received the letter from Amazon warning about the new agreement with Apple.

Apple's iOS 12.1.1. is causing problems for iPhone, iPad and iPod owners

Apple has released iOS 12.1.1 for iPhones 5s and later, iPad mini 2 and later and iPod touch 6th generation or later. It is available as an over-the-air update and came with some new features such as expanded eSIM support, Live Photo capture during FaceTime calls, notification preview using haptic touch for iPhone XR, and more.

Huawei aims to become a №1 smartphone seller worldwide by 2020

Richard Yu, a CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, told CNBC in an exclusive interview that he aims to make the company the number one smartphone vendor in the world by 2020 after overtaking Apple this year.

CES, 8-11 January 2019, Las Vegas (Nevada)

Meet us at the world's gathering and most influential trade fair for the consumer electronics. We are welcome all companies who are looking for an all-in-one solution to optimise their business processes and raise revenue.

NSYS GROUP developing diagnostic and data erase software for companies operated with pre-owned mobile devices Wholesalers, Recyclers, Retailers, Network Operators, Buyback Providers and Insurance companies worldwide.

NSYS GROUP booth #46448, Sands A-D


End of an era: CEBIT Hannover cancelled

World's largest annual technology event CEBIT cancelled after 33 years of exhibiting due to dropping visitor numbers and reduced space booking.

The new updates of NSYS Tools

The new updates of NSYS Diagnostics for mobile phones were released on Friday, November 9. The updates run automatically.
Explore our new updates and features.

How to save money on iPhones?

Tablets, smartphones and other devices produced by Apple are the most wanted and popular gadgets for almost a decade. Who does not dream of owning a latest and greatest Apple product? The major disadvantage is, however, the high price.

NSYS GROUP in Mobile Source 18-21 Oct 2018

This October NSYS GROUP was an exhibitor in the Mobile Source exhibition in Asia World Expo. It was our first exhibition in Hong Kong and we had a lot of opportunities to expand the network of strong partners.

Global Sources Mobile Electronics 2018

Global Sources Mobile Electronics is the world's largest mobile sourcing show in Hong-Kong, with 3,700 booths of devices, AR/VR, wearables & accessories, plus Startup Launchpad, the premier sourcing platform for hardware & retail solution startups.
We start at 9:00 and glad to meet you at our booth 7K38 (Hall 7) at AsiaWorld-Expo.
Also, you can schedule a meeting calling +44 1634 756065
See you at World's largest electronics trade fair!

GITEX 14-18 of October 2018

GITEX Future Stars is the biggest and fastest growing startup show in UAE.
We are visiting the exhibition and if you are also going to GITEX 2018 we will be glad to meet you there.
Call +44 1634 756065 and set up a meeting with our team.
We will be happy to show you what our software can bring to your business!

NSYS Tools - Let's see how it works!


Exhibiting with gsmExchange tradeZone @CEBIT 2018


Even a child can use it!


Be confident in results!


Interview with our Head of Sales Akanimo Emah for MWCA @gsmExchange Tradezone MWCA 2018


GDPR - new rules for personal data processing in Europe

In may 2018, Europe switched to the updated personal data processing rules established by the General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 or the GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation). This regulation, which has direct effect in all 28 EU countries, replaced the framework Directive on the protection of personal data 95/46/EC of 24 October 1995.

NSYS GROUP at Mobile World Congress Americas 2018

Recently NSYS GROUP team has participated in Mobile World Congress Americas in Los Angeles. As usual, in our pavilion where lots of companies dealing with used and refurbished phones had gathered. We have met with many of own existing clients and partners as well as many new potential clients from the industry.

How to actually charge your smartphone correctly?

Experts of the British online publication The Independent report that according to recent studies, the systematic night charging of your smartphone leads to a sharp deterioration of the battery. Much more efficient is a daily charge, a limited amount of time.

Smartphones of 2019 - key features

Absolute frameless. Manufacturers of smartphones will compete for who will launch the device, where the screen will occupy 100% of the front surface or, at least, 99% of it. The first serious attempt is actually going to be done by Huawei at the end of 2018.

Mobile World Congress Americas 2018

We proudly announce that NSYS GROUP would be taking part in GSMA Mobile World Congress Americas 2018 (@MWCAmericas) from 12th to 14th September in Los Angeles. This is one of the largest mobile industry events of its kind, and we're excited to be the part of the show.

Join us at booth #W658 in the West Hall of Los Angeles Convention Center (@ConventionLA) (1201 South Figueroa Street Los Angeles, California 90015) to see the live demonstration of our software. If you would like to preschedule a meeting with any of our team members don't hesitate to send us a message or call directly!



CEBIT 11-15 of June 2018

On 11-15 of June 2018 the company NSYS GROUP took part in a business-festival of innovations, electronic and digital technologies CEBIT 2018. NSYS GROUP set up its booth at gsm Exchange pavilion, where was a record number of visitors during the whole time of the exhibition.

The Handelot Times Magazine, May 2018 #7
'Emerging Beast'

'As smartphone technology gets increasingly cheaper, more new devices are bought, with the exciting ones becoming involved and unwanted by their owners. If you're in on the used device side of the industry and you're looking to build a reputation rather than make a quick buck, then you're concerned with helping deliver the best possible products. The used smartphone market is growing quickly and as a result there are many business opportunities...'
Read more

Z-Empire's Electronics Networking Convention, vom 26. bis zum 29. April 2018, Athen

Die von unseren Partnern Z Empire Investments ausgezeichnet organisierte Veranstaltung ist eine der effektivsten und konstruktivsten IT-Veranstaltungen, die alle Teilnehmer des elektronischen Marktes wie Produnktionsunternehmen, Mobilfunkanbieter, Vertriebshändler, Einzelhändler, Unternehmen für Weiterverkauf, Größhändler und Handelsunternehmen, die Zusammenarbeit mit neuen Kunden oder Lieferanten ermöglichen, vereinigt. Meistens ist das eine hervorragende Möglichkeit für das Treffen unserer bestehenden und potentiellen Kunden. Ihre Loyalität zu unserer Software beruht auf dem Wert, der Stärke und der Flexibilität unseres Produkts, weil das Ihnen hilft, die Schlüsselaufgaben zu lösen und die Arbeitsprozesse zu optimieren. Wir hoffen daraug, dass unsere Zusammenarbeit für beide Parteien sowohl vom Standpunkt der Entwicklung der technischen Möglichkeit als auch vom Standpunkt der Entwicklung der neuen Geschäftsmöglichkeiten wertvoll sein wird.

Mobilmarkt im Jahr 2018

Jeden Tag machen die Unternehmen verschiedene Erklärungen und generieren neue Ideen der Mobilgeräte, damit ihre Verbraucher voraussehen könnten, was weiter kommt. 2018 wird die Aufmerksamkeit auf Apple, Samsung, LG und andere Unternehmen gerichtet, die zeigen, welche Produktarten sie in den nächsten Monaten anbieten können.

MWC 2018 ist die großte Messe der Mobilgeräte in der Welt, die in Barcelona vom 26. Februar bis zum 1. März 2018 stattfand

Diese Messe versammelt die besten und konkurrenzfähigsten Unternehmen im Markt aus der ganzen Welt. Solche eine starke Kombination der Möglichkeiten hat uns erlaubt, und mit der maximalen Zahl der vorhandenen Verbraucher zu treffen. Für einige von ihnen war das das erste persönliche Treffen nach einigen Monaten der erfolgreichen Zusammenarbeit und wir schätzen das wirklich hoch ein! Technische Entwicklung braucht Partnerschaft und Zusammenarbeit. Das Unternehmen hat keine Grenzen für den Handel in der ganzen Welt. Für alle Teilnehmer der Messe MWC war das eine gute Möglichkeit ihre Produkte und Innovationen für potentielle Partner und Kunden zu präsentieren, so wie auch für uns. Der Eindruck ergibt sich aus den Details und das Ergebnis aus der hartnäckigen Arbeit! Wir danken jedem für hervorragende Erfahrung, zukünftige Perspektiven und Feedback für die Verbesserung unserer Unternehmen.

CES vom 9. bis zum 12. Januar 2018, Las Vegas

'CES ist eine internationale Veranstaltung und eine der größten Messen für die Verbraucher der Elektronik in der Welt. Weltbekannte Unternehmen präsentieren jährlich die neuesten Produkte aus Consumer Electronics Show und die zukünftigen Trends für die Verbraucher.'
Unser Team ist nach der Messe zurückgekommen und wir sind bereit, über die neuesten Trends im Markt der Mobilgeräte 2018 zu erzählen. Die aussichtsreichsten Trends sind wie folgt:
  • Mobilinnovationen
  • Entwicklung der Apps für Mobilgeräte
  • Mobilinternet
  • Mobilunterhaltung

Z-Empire’s Electronics Networking Convention, vom 13. bis zum 16. November 2017, Zypern

Vom 13. bis zum 16. November 2017 hatten wir eine gute Möglichkeit an der Z-Empire’s Electronics Networking Convention teilzunehmen. Zur Konvention werden die größten Unternehmen aus dem Bereich Elektronik eingeladen; außerdem umfasst sie alle Geschäftsaspekte von den Herstellern, Vertriebshändlern, Weiterverkäufern, Einzelhändlern und Handelsgesellschaften, wir sind uns sicher, dass derartige Konvention eines Besuchs wert ist. Die größten Unternehmen aus der genzen Welt versammeln sich da, um sich zu vereinigen und um das Geschäft zu erweitern. Durch die Teilnahme an der Konvention haben wir die Möglichkeit bekommen, unsere Beziehungen zu den größten Vertriebshändlern von Elektronik zu verbessern. Mehr noch war die Aufmerksamkeit der Teilnehmer der Veranstaltung auf die Schlüssellösungen für jedes eingeladene Unternehmen gerichtet. Unser Team ist dankbar für die Möglichkeit, uns mit unseren Kunden persönlich zu treffen und mit potentiellen Partnern zusammenzuarbeiten!

GITEX 2017, Dubai, VAE, vom 8. bis zum 12. Oktober 2017

GITEX ist eine jährliche Handelsmesse für die Verbraucher der Computertechnik und Elektronik. Diese Veranstaltung, die als dynamic innovation hub bekannt ist, findet in Dubai (VAE) vom 8. bis zum 12. Oktober 2017 statt und vereinigt über 4500 Aussteller und aussichtsreiche Technologien, die unsere Welt bilden und unsere Vorstellung von dem geschäft und von dem Niveau unserer Leistungen ändern. Unser Fachteam ist dankbar für die Möglichkeit, an der Messe teilzunehmen. Unser Pavillion war einer der meist besuchten unter den Gästen der Messe. Potentielle Kunden konnte eine einprägbare interessante Organisation hoch schätzen und mit uns an der Suche nach den Möglichkeiten, ihren Profit unter Anwendung der optimierten Hochleistungsprozesse zu erhöhen, teilzunehmen. Die Region des Mittleren Ostens ist äußerst wichtig für uns, weil da die Menschen für alles Neue offen sind, was für ein Innovationsunternehmen am wichtigsten ist. Dank der Teilnahme an der Messe haben wir die größten führenden Unternehmen des Mittleren Ostens kennengelernt und ein Angebot über unsere NS-Software auf Grund der Expertenmeinungen und unserer Erfahrung einschließlich moderner Technologien, Innovationen und Trends unterbreitet. Das waren wirklich eine Wunderreise und eine unglaubliche Zusammenarbeit der Verbraucher und Partner, mit denen wir gemeinsame Schritte in die helle Zukunft machen. Danke für das Vertrauen!

MWCA/CTIA, San Francisco, USA, vom 12. bis zum 14. September 2017

NSYS GROUP nimmt an der Messe MWCA/CTIA, San Francisco, USA, vom 12. bis zum 14. September 2017 teil. Wir laden Sie zu unserem Stand # W800-01 im Pavillon Gsm Exchange ein. Sprechen Sie unser Team an uns erfahren Sie, wie NS test hilft, die Zahl der zurückgegebenen Telefone zu reduzieren und den Arbeitsraum zu optimieren. Wir freuen uns auf ein Treffen mit Ihnen!
Demo anfordern
Kontaktieren Sie uns, um herauszufinden, wie Sie Ihr Einkommen erhöhen und Ihr Mobiltelefongeschäft steigern können. Unsere Spezialisten können Ihnen eine kostenlose Demonstration von NSYS Tools in Ihrer Sprache geben.
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