Upgrade your workflow with NSYS Data Transfer

transfer files from one device to another

Data Transfer is a product for quick and safe files transferring from one device to another

Now NSYS Tools workflow is an all-in-one ecosystem with its own Diagnostics, Buyback, RMA, and Data Transfer products.

Since there are cases when the customers don’t store their data in Cloud or don’t back up their devices, there appears to be a need to transfer data “here and now” at the mobile stores or repair centers.

For those who operate on the mobile phone market, it’s well-known that file transfer between mobile phones is a time-consuming procedure. Moreover, the risk of losing data stored on the customer’s phone is never zero.

While trying to optimize the process, companies try different software solutions that complicate the workflow. When companies get bigger, they get more troublesome to switch between different software solutions.

Now you won’t need to use any additional applications like iTunes – we have developed a product that is completely autonomous!

NSYS Data Transfer provides:

  • Direct and secure files transfer;
  • No duplicate files with our Smart Duplicates Control;
  • Detailed progress bar to track the process;
  • A simple and user-friendly interface;
  • Convenient and fast process with all NSYS Tools products in one workspace.

Do you want to learn more about the fast and comfortable tool for your business?

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