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NSYS Diagnostics Update: What’s new in November?

NSYS Diagnostics Update November 2020

With the new wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and the following lockdowns all around the globe, our development team has decided to focus on the features that are useful for remote processing of mobile devices. We have collected some feedback as to how the working process of our customers had changed during the spring lockdowns and released some updates that should optimize it.

Remote (wireless) NSYS-Test app can be downloaded either from App/Play Store or our server

With this option enabled you or/and your retail customers will be able to install our diagnostic app on Androids without Google services or without active accounts.

Adds remote diagnostics application

NSYS-Test app can retrieve IMEI/serial number info for iOS devices wirelessly

During pandemic remote buyback services are becoming more and more popular. You can share access to NSYS-Test app with your customer, so he/she could diagnose their device at home. And when he/she sends this device to you, you can be 100% sure that this is exactly the same device that was tested before, since there is a detailed record in your NSYS account with the same IMEI.

Custom diagnostic profile for every model

From now on you can assign a customization profile to some particular models. For example, if you want to test batteries of iPads longer than iPhones, you can configure it now. Or maybe you want to exclude some tests for specific models but leave them be for others. That's also possible now.

NSYS Diagnostics' redesigned interface

You can detect non-original parts on all iOS devices including the ones with iOS 14 installed

Our developers wish you to stay healthy and safe. In these circumstances our goal is to keep the mobile phone businesses not only alive but steadily growing by implementing the most innovative technologies. Thus, we are going to deliver the functionality the market needs the most.

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