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NSYS Updates: September 28

NSYS updates

As per Sept. 28, we have upgraded 3 of our products: NSYS Diagnostics, NSYS Buyback, and NSYS Inventory.

NSYS Diagnostics (application)

Identifying whether the connected iPad has Wi-Fi option only or if it also has a sim card slot for mobile Internet is now possible not only in the NSYS Diagnostic app, but also in the web version of NSYS Diagnostics. You can hence use all the features in both versions. 

NSYS Buyback

  • Denied by Hardstop

A new status has been added – Denied by Hardstop! In case a hard stop occurs, the order status will appear as “Denied by hardstop”, and not as “Cancelled” like before. The system now also saves the information about the hard stop’s reason (a question, a test or an autograding result). It helps distinguish the orders that were canceled by operators and by the hard stop.

  • Buyback certificate

The final Buyback certificate has been improved! The certificate currently looks more like a real sale agreement. It’s possible to set a custom name to the document. The document’s layout and design were improved. It also became possible to put a full agreement text in the document. 

  • Data Import

Data import now contains much more important information. It is possible from now on to set colors, apply questionnaires, priority for widget and reward types. Moreover, we added some tips for correct filling!

  • Final message

Now you can add a final message when using the Buyback widget! You can write instructions about following actions after estimating the device’s cost in order to further clarify the whole buyback process.

NSYS Inventory

  • New columns in Customers

New columns have been added: Contact Name, E-mail, Phone. Now, you can organize your customer base even more accurately and precisely.

  • Shipping address

For wholesalers, a shipping address can be added!

These updates are now available to our customers. If you have not tried NSYS products yet, leave a request and discover how business automation levels up your company!

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