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NSYS Update: July 2022

July update of NSYS products 2022

NSYS Group team is working every day to improve and make our solutions better for our clients and their businesses. Today we want to present to you a few new features of 4 our products: Diagnostics, Autograding, Buyback and Inventory.

Diagnostics (web) upgrades:

  • Added an option to add the same field multiple times on a sticker. Now it is possible to add several similar fields on a sticker in a Label Constructor;
Updated data upload to Excel
  • Adjusted max sticker size in a label constructor. The max size is 105*105 now.

Diagnostics (application) updates:

  • Fixed search by IMEI in History. Search by IMEI is performed according to the amount of typed-in IMEIs. Several IMEIs can be entered one by one (after each press Enter). All the devices with these IMEIs will be displayed;
Updated phone search by IMEI
  • Fixed adding devices by IMEI. They are displayed in History and a notification “Unit was added” appears below;
  • Added a drop-down list with grades for Grade search filter in History. You can choose several grades and all the devices with these grades will be displayed;
  • Adjusted licenses/data display in IMEIChecks in Device Details.

Autograding updates:

  • New Autograding certificate for one and/or several devices. Now it includes a QR code to get a certificate’s copy online if needed;
Updated validation certificate from NSYS

Buyback updates:

  • Added final certificate to download for checkout. Now it is possible to download a “.pdf” file for checkout;
  • Added preliminary price screen. You can enable the preliminary price screen at every step of your trade-in process.

Inventory updates:

  • Fixed items displayed when opening a batch. Now when opening a batch only items linked to this batch are displayed;
  • Adjusted price field in an invoice. The field became bigger and displays prices properly;
  • Fixed Note field in Your company data. Now an invoice is properly downloaded in Release and Reserve.

Want to see new features in action? Send us a request and our representative will contact you to schedule a free demo of our solutions. You will be able to see how NSYS solutions can automate your daily tasks and increase your business efficiency.

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