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NSYS updates: April 12

NSYS updates: April 12

In our first April updates, we improved the functionality of 2 of our solutions: NSYS Diagnostics and NSYS Buyback. Find out more information below.

NSYS Diagnostics

  • Additional editable IMEI field

We added one more field for IMEI of Android devices. The fields are as follows: IMEI 1 and IMEI 2. It is possible to input the IMEI of the device in the device card, but if an IMEI of the device is automatically retrieved, this function is blocked.

Additional editable IMEI field
  • IMEI retrieved from the device screen

There is a new feature to get an IMEI of the devices which IMEI cannot be automatically retrieved. Now IMEIs are read automatically from the screen and entered into the device card.

IMEI retrieved from the device screen

NSYS Buyback 

  • Serial number for Apple Watches

We added instructions on how to find Apple Watch Serial numbers to input them in orders. Now in orders when clicking the help phrase How to find the Serial Number or IMEI there will appear a window with instructions on where to find the number on watches and phones.

Serial number for Apple Watches
  • Dashboard Data Export

From now on it is possible to download reports from Dashboard! You can set and filter the data you want to receive and download the data from Dashboard as an Excel File. 

Dashboard Data Export
  • FMIP/FRP detection

Orders’ functionality has been improved. Now when you are going through an in-store order with a device connected via cable, the device is checked whether FMIP/FRP is on. At the last stage of device evaluation, there will be a notification that FMIP/FRP is on and the instructions on how to disable it are given. It will protect you from purchasing devices with an assigned to it account. 

FMIP/FRP detection
  • Deleting orders

We granted the role of Manager to delete orders in the section Orders.

Thanks to the additional features, NSYS products have become more multifunctional and user-friendly. Sign up for a free demo if you haven't tried the next level of automation yet!

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