NSYS Tools Update: What's new in July?

One-time codes for NSYS-Test remote diagnostic app that can be shared with your customers or partners

If you want your customer, supplier or business partner located away from you to test some device(s) remotely, you can generate a one-time code and share it with them. They will be able to download our diagnostic app via the Play/App store and complete the test. Diagnostic report will be saved to your History.

One step closer to fully remote device diagnostics

Battery stress test by NSYS Tools

Battery: You can customize acceptable battery health levels based on your QC standards

Customize the levels of battery health that are identified as excellent, good, and bad on device cards and certificates. Available for all iOS devices and the latest Samsung models.

Customization of diagnostic parameters for your company's standards is one of our main priorities!

Battery stress test by NSYS Tools
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transfer files from one device to another
Upgrade your workflow with NSYS Data Transfer
Friday 03 July 2020
NSYS Group Team
We have expanded the NSYS Tools product line with one more product – Data Transfer. Transfer data from the previous device to your new phone in one interface.
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iPhone Touch ID replacement check
NSYS Diagnostics update: touch ID check and improved battery test
Wednesday 17 June 2020
NSYS Group Team
We are introducing a new feature in NSYS Diagnostics. Now and on you can check whether a Touch ID on any iPhone is original or not. In addition, we have improved the phone battery test.
7 min read
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