NSYS Tools Update: What's new in October?

We have been working hard for the last couple of months. Today we are happy to announce several improvements in NSYS Diagnostics:

Custom Grading: implement your internal grading system

From now on our clients can use their own custom grades (such as AB, A++, etc.) when grading the phones and working with their database. If you have some special internal grade for the devices that are to be sent to the repair center or you deal with A and B devices only, you can configure the system that way now.

PC custom grades by NSYS Tools

Those grades will also be reflected in the mobile diagnostic app. You can grade your devices during the diagnostic process.

Diagnostic app custom grades by NSYS Tools

Custom Fields: add additional info to the items in your History.

You can add custom values for every device. Now our clients can add text (notes), numbers (prices), and dates to each phone (dates of purchase). You can also sort these devices in your database based on these parameters.

Mobile phone custom grades by NSYS Tools

These values can also be shown on the labels you stick to your phones.

USB port mapping: the port number can be printed on your labels

If you test 10-20 phones of the same model and colour at once connected to some USB hub and print 10-20 stickers, it might be problematic to determine which sticker belongs to which phone.

To resolve this predicament QC team can map USB ports before they start working and add the port number to the sticker. That way, they will know for sure that the sticker with number 5 on it belongs to the phone connected to port number 5.

These updates have been implemented thanks to the feedback from our customers in order to enhance the workflow. Stay tuned, we are planning more updates later this month!

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