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NSYS Buyback Update: special features added

This month we are presenting new improvements in NSYS Buyback. This release is exciting in particular, as the system will be even more user-friendly and intuitive from now on.

A more convenient way to create buyback orders

  • You can choose the model from the catalogue or still use the search line while creating the buyback order
  • You can upload pictures to your device list
  • You can skip the IMEI entry on the first screen and add it only if you go through the diagnostic process

Special feature for trade-in deals

Now everyone who works with trade-in can add data about a new device that a customer wants to exchange for an old phone.

For example, your customer turns in an iPhone 11 and buys an iPhone 12 from you. Purchase data is automatically entered into the system in the background and entered into the transaction document. Moreover, on certain new devices, you can set the value of the trade-in of the old phone. This will help increase sales of devices by trade-in transactions!

Add a purchase of a new device right to the voucher!

Thanks for choosing NSYS Buyback! The team works around the clock to provide the best service to all our clients. New updates are coming very soon.

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