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How to choose the best phone parts suppliers

used phones phone parts suppliers

Repairs and refurbishments are huge and prospective business branches, particularly in the United States. Finding used mobile phones is easy, but getting their spare parts isn’t. To find a good product at an attractive price, you will have to spend a lot of time surfing the Internet. In addition, it is important to consider the warranty’s terms and conditions, return, delivery, and supplier’s reputation.

To make the production line move, you should assemble a list of wholesale and retail distributors. Wholesalers can be divided into two categories: local and international sellers. Distributors are companies that sell components directly from companies to customers. Buying spare parts depends on your business needs and specific situations.

Each delivery option has its pros and cons. By way of illustration, international distributors have worldwide shipping capabilities allowing them to sell products made in other countries, if the required component is, indeed, not manufactured at your place. However, buying from locals is much safer, easier and cheaper when it comes to basic details available in any region.

In order to choose the best supplier, compare the characteristics of several companies in the industry: product price, shipping cost, return policy, etc. Check for how long has the supplier been in the market, and evaluate their reputation.

The most frequently broken phone parts

If you have already made your decision regarding your supplier, the next crucial step is to choose the right details to purchase, for you not to lose money on unclaimed goods. Parts that will definitely always come in handy in your work are batteries, screens and headphones

According to our service NSYS Diagnostics, it is precisely the defects associated with these parts that are the most frequently detected by the results of diagnostic tests of our clients. You can safely purchase these parts without fearing that they may remain unused.

Recommended Phone Parts Suppliers

Prices can vary significantly from seller to seller. Sometimes they are defined by quality, and other times they are artificially high. And so, where do you find the best details?

Mobile Sentrix

When it comes to choosing a local provider in the US, MobileSentrix has the upper hand. The company serves most of the major mobile phone companies responsible for repairs and refurbishments. High quality parts at reasonable prices with a lifetime warranty, sounds lucrative, right? Add to that a fast delivery and excellent customer service. MobileSentrix uses multiple shipping methods to narrow the delivery time range. The company rightfully deserves to be included in the list of industry leaders.

Injured Gadgets

Injured Gadgets is another top mobile parts wholesale distributor market in North America. The company has gained popularity due to the largest range of products, competitive prices and good customer service. Injured Gadgets has a very favorable return policy and a lifetime product warranty.


With over 18 years of experience in the market, MyCoolCell helps small and large companies to easily, efficiently and cost-effectively purchase mobile device parts and accessories. You will definitely find the necessary goods among more than 25,000 positions.


Another major supplier in the US is PhonePartsUSA. The company has a strong customer base, thanks to the fast and accurate delivery of goods, mainly in the premium segment.


MobileHQ is Australia's leading mobile parts supplier. It specializes in spare parts and components, as well as repair tools. Here you will find parts for almost all phone models.

PimpMyGadget Supply

Another Australian distributor. The company is constantly striving for the development and improvement of services. In case the product is out of stock, easy, as it will take less than 2 days for you to receive everything you need.

ReVamp Wholesale

ReVamp Wholesale completes the list. It is an American network that cooperates with repair shops. The main business focus of the company is the sale of wireless parts, used devices and accessories for them. Also in the assortment you can find a large selection of tools for mobile phones.

What is the best way to delete data from used smartphones?

NSYS Data Erasure is one of the most popular NSYS products. If your business deals with pre-owned devices or their individual parts, security issues cannot be overestimated. 

Manual data deletion is not a cure because it leaves personal information traces. NSYS Data Erasure will help you wipe all clients' data quickly and safely.

All data is erased in accordance with recognized market standards. Data erasure certificates are offered for each device as proof for a complete wipe-out. 

  • Detailed report issued for every erasure made
  • Wireless data erasure for Android devices
  • Up to 60 devices can be connected to a single PC at once
  • Erasure process can be integrated at every step of your workflow

With NSYS, trust in the products you trade!

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