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Introducing the integration of NSYS Diagnostics for NSYS Inventory

Introducing the integration of NSYS Diagnostics for NSYS Inventory

NSYS Inventory Team is striving to give clients the most convenient solution. Thanks to the new system update users will forget what it is like to handle goods manually. We have integrated NSYS Diagnostics with NSYS Inventory to make a warehouse of the future real!

Get checked devices into the history section

Save the time spent on inventory management. Now users have the opportunity to diagnose phones with NSYS Diagnostics and automatically record all information about them in the Inventory system (IMEI, models, defects, prices, supplier, failed tests).

Create an excellent experience for your staff

All diagnosed phones will simply appear in the system, there will be no need to write down anything manually. This overall helps the process a lot. If you are a diagnostics client, then you do not need to add anything manually. Everything starts up in the system by itself, you just click the "sell" button.

Save plenty of money with GSMA Blacklist checking, CarrierLock checking & get all the NSYS Diagnostics results in one window! Get a free trial for 14 days free here.

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