Case Study: NSYS Group x Janus Trade


Janus Trade is a leading distributor and a representative of world-famous brands in Slovenia. The company provides mobile electronics of the highest quality.

They have more than 200 business partners in Europe, including large European operators. Also, Janus Trade is the official distributor of the Samsung brand in Slovenia.

Company representatives are Boris Metlar - the product manager and Robert Petelinsek - the IT department representative.

The process

Janus Trade’s used mobile electronics business is built on a partnership program. A partner (a mobile carrier or a retailer) buys devices from the individuals in their stores. At the same time, the buyback process (model range, prices, the process of evaluating and accepting phones) is fully regulated by Janus Trade representatives.

Then devices arrive at the JT’s warehouse, where they are checked and inventoried. Accepted devices are formed into new batches and sold to wholesale partners.

The Challenge

Janus Trade started such a partnership program in 2017. Until 2021, they have already tried a solution for automatization. The solution included a primitive 3-question calculator, price generator, and transaction document printing.

Thus, the company was not satisfied with:

- The carelessness of the device evaluation. They suffered from a lack of calculator and additional questions customization as well as a lack of accurate functionality check.

- As a result, prices had to be reduced significantly. Due to inaccurate evaluation, it was necessary to reduce the risk of buying defective phones.

- Thus, by 2020, the volumes of purchased devices sharply dropped. Individuals were not happy with such low prices and sold their devices to the competitors.


We’ve proposed to Janus Trade to change the buyback process fundamentally. The solution was to implement NSYS Buyback In-Store to manage buyback deals in one window.

NSYS Buyback In-Store allowed the company's partners to:

  • Offer competitive prices, without the risk of buying the device in an improper condition.
  • Run full functionality diagnostics in a couple of minutes.
  • Estimate the exact cosmetic condition.
  • Show a customer step-by-step price recalculation
  • Eliminate carelessness of the device estimation by reducing the risks of human factors.


  1. The quality of purchased phones increased by 80%. The evaluation process is now clear and consists of three stages: Device information, functionality check, and cosmetic condition check. We have eliminated carelessness from the process. NSYS Buyback management system is an automated solution that reduces the possibility of human error.
  2. Janus Trade can now afford to offer prices 40% higher than before. Their partners no longer need to cut prices for buyback deals. We’ve helped them to eliminate the risk of buying phones with bad IMEI or with functionality issues.
  3. In 2021, Janus Trade expects an increase in buyback transactions volume. The rise in the prices of used phones purchase transactions began to attract more new customers. Now the process of phone evaluation is accurate for both individuals and companies.

The NSYS team is very grateful to Janus Trade for the trust and confidence in our abilities. If your company also wants to be able to buy back more devices and improve the quality of your offers, leave a request for NSYS Buyback today.

Even more case studies are coming soon!

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