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Collaborative intelligence: robotics and humans in the used devices business

Robots can do everything people can do, but in a faster way, with a high level of quality and no human errors- so why instead of dragging the production speed and risking on having mistakes. we don't automate all the processes? Or would that still cause some difficulties and problems?

What will it be like to work with robots?

Since automation began to intrude strongly into business, there has been a lot of debate about robots replacing humans. And this is explained by a simple reason. But it is impossible to resist this process.

Business today demands modern solutions. The implementation of AI is not just a forced necessity or fashion, but a criterion for increasing efficiency and success in the market. Huge costs associated with manual processing delays, human errors, and inefficient business systems can no longer be ignored as they require thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars from the companies per year.

Will robots replace human workers? What are the possible reasons?

For one thing, a robot can work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and it often works faster and makes fewer mistakes than a human. Pew Research has published a report stating that about half (48%) of those surveyed believe robots will displace a significant number of jobs in the near future. 

 Robots can benefit employees because they can easily do repetitive, tedious, or monotonous work while humans focus on more important tasks. In recent years, robotic solutions have made huge advances in efficiency and capability and have begun to replace more and more human jobs.

Humans work worse, either because of fatigue, or the complexity of the job, or some other reason. Unlike humans, robots can perform such tasks without interruption and with extreme precision, leading to greater quality control - eliminating the human factor in the diagnostics and increasing the number of tested and ready-for-sale devices.

Can robotic business process solutions improve the business?

Easy question! We have an answer - Reeva! One robot that makes all the difference.

Reeva is a revolution in the world of technology. It is a robot that provides extensive testing, evaluation, and pricing capabilities. It can be used for both retailers and wholesalers work. 

For a better understanding of robot implementation, here are a couple of use cases.

  • Saving time. This is the main advantage. Decisions to introduce a robot into a business process allow you to complete tasks much faster and without errors. Ultimately, automating processes means that employees can use their time more efficiently.
  • This will help you cut costs. Every business faces global pressure to improve its profitability. Implementing robots is a smart enough approach to contain and reduce costs. When work is automated, it not only gets done faster, but also can be done around the clock.
  • Increases productivity. When cumbersome tasks are delegated to a digital solution, multiple processes can be executed simultaneously. This results in increased productivity. In addition, the robot improves employee efficiency by allowing employees to focus on more important tasks such as revenue-generating activities.
  • This makes business processes more efficient. A process is efficient when the best result is achieved with minimum effort. Introducing a robot into an activity improves the quality and efficiency of task management.
  • It minimizes errors. No matter how capable and skilled your employees are, mistakes are everywhere. Eliminating the risk of these errors makes the process run smoother and helps avoid redundant operations. And the likelihood of errors is dramatically reduced when you automate processes.
  • Standardize processes. Everyone has their own habits, documentation methods and a multitude of tasks that need to be completed. For a process to be effective, it must be properly designed at the outset. An automated process is carried out as a sequential workflow, with the steps systematically changing one another until a standard result has been achieved each time. That's why automation is the preferred shortcut to standardization.
  • It allows you to provide better customer service. Performing diagnostics and evaluating automatically improves quality and results, which helps to attract more customers through good quality of products.
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